The Hard-bitten Economy

Christians differ on economic and political matters.  Many are likely unified in these days, though, in a recognition that our national economy continues to struggle (to say nothing of the global economy). Matthew Continetti of the Weekly Standard has written a tough-minded piece worth reading on our present economic state.  Here’s a bit: [F]or almost [Read More…]

David Brooks: We Need a Moral Economic Awakening

NYT columnist David Brooks has a thoughtful column out today called “The Next Culture War” that suggests that the shameful levels of debt our country is now carrying are a moral issue.  He’s got a great point, I think, though I disagree with him on a number of matters (the “culture wars” and the issues [Read More…]

Dealing with Debt: WSJ on Young Couples and Debt

The Wall Street Journal has a helpful article by Jeff Opdyke called “With This Debt, I Thee Wed” on managing debt in marriage.  It’s an adaptation from the new book Financially Ever After: The Couples’ Guide to Managing Money, which looks very helpful. Here are a few nuggets to chew on: “Couples today routinely enter [Read More…]