The Book You Need Right Now: Kingdom Through Covenant

It seems to be book week at this humble blog.  I’ve got a great one for you today: Kingdom Through Covenant by Steve Wellum and Peter Gentry (Crossway, 2012).  If you lean toward covenant theology but are a credobaptist (practicing believer’s baptism), then this very well may be the book that defines your position. Here’s [Read More…]

The Argument of James: Uncovering and Recovering the Double-Minded Man, Pt. 2

Here’s the conclusion of this series. I’m not switching to extra-long posts, though I am attempting to make the case that the letter of James is fundamentally about uncovering and recovering the double-minded man. Congrats to Al, who read the previous piece all the way through. If someone else out there did as well, feel [Read More…]