What Are the Promise Keepers Up To?

Salon took a look this week at the Promise Keepers.  It’s an interesting read.  Here are some key quotations on the organization that rose to huge prominence in the 1990s and then tanked. Here’s the basic story: In the 1990s, the evangelical men’s ministry the Promise Keepers packed 50,000-seat football stadiums and even stuffed the [Read More...]

The Week-est Link, Nov. 9

1. A tear-your-hair-out piece from Men’s Vogue by the former New York Times reporter Charlie LeDuff. Apparently LeDuff, a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, decided to stay at home following his daughter’s birth. His wife went to work. Writes LeDuff: I am sad for those fathers I had the pleasure to know during the years I was [Read More...]