A Harvard Degree Won’t Buy More than a Sandwich

The New York Times just published a short piece entitled “Generation Limbo: Waiting it Out” by Jennifer S. Lee.  The subject material will be familiar to many cultural observers, but the article underscores the difficulties many twentysomethings are having today in advancing into adulthood. Lee introduces the group: Meet the members of what might be [Read More…]

Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve: Adolescence or Adulthood

Came across an interesting piece in the New York Times today.  I was going to blog about the Palin-Biden debate but I decided not to after perusing this article, entitled “If Only the Cool Kids Could See Him Now” by Bruce Weber.  The tagline on the NYT homepage was this: “Adolescent anxiety is the subject [Read More…]

Piper on Extended Adolescence and the Gift of Vision

My lovely mother-in-law emailed me a link to a recent piece written by John Piper about the phenomenon of extended adolescence. The piece is helpful and represents a good pastor-centered perspective of this problem in American society. I am glad that Piper is not simply sidestepping this cultural event, as too many pastors do, but [Read More…]

Acorns in the Wind: Crafting a Blueprint for Manhood

I do not have the space or time to do this subject justice–not to mention experience and knowledge. Two things encourage me to make a humble attempt, however. First, I’m not posing as an expert or know-it-all. I’m merely trying to jumpstart a thought process in the minds of fellow Christians who may or may [Read More…]