Why YOLO Means You Should Build A Family

I just published a piece for Boundless that is entitled “Do Something Awesome: Build a Family.” In the piece, I make the case that for a generation obsessed with personal fulfillment, few things are more meaningful than having and raising children. Here’s a swatch: If you listen to a dash of rap or pop music every now [Read More…]

Everything Costs: The Sacrifice of “Success”

I found this sobering illustration of the cost of success in a recent David Sedaris feature for the New Yorker entitled “Laugh, Kookaburra.” Pat was driving, and as we passed the turnoff for a shopping center she invited us to picture a four-burner stove. “Gas or electric?” Hugh asked, and she said that it didn’t [Read More…]

The Sad Case of John and Kate and What it Teaches Us

Justin Taylor linked recently to a thoughtful piece in Christianity Today called “The Gospel and the Gosselins” that covers the reality-tv show Jon & Kate Plus Eight.  I do not watch the show but am familiar with it.  Here’s what the author, Julie Vermeer Elliott, has to say about the profitability of the series: “When [Read More…]

Are Roommates the New Family?

Just found an interesting article that captured a cultural trend.  The New York Times writer Stephen Williams penned a piece called “Home, Hangout, Departure Lounge” that profiles a group of roommates living together in New York City.  It’s a short but noteworthy article that includes the following: Here’s how the group came together: “The four roommates [Read More…]

Children as the Ultimate “Experience”: Driscoll and Mohler on the Family

Two separate pieces, published recently on blogs, highlight the importance of the family as constructed and formed by the Bible. Mark Driscoll wrote a stirring and fun tribute to his wife, Grace, and Al Mohler wrote a scathing and hilarious critique of the “superiority of small families” argument. I would encourage you to read both [Read More…]

A Blueprint for Manhood in a World That No Longer Provides One, Pt. 2

Yesterday, I started a blueprint for Christian manhood. I want to note today that I do not intend this to be seen as the blueprint for this subject, as if I have received a direct revelation from God on how this all should take place. Rather, I am trying to do what all Christian parents [Read More…]

New 9Marks eJournal Is Up: A Theology of Children

The new eJournal is up and it looks excellent. Here are a few snapshots from the current issue. As always, the content is free and very beneficial. It’s theologically rich but quite readable. The Cline family on doing missions as a family: “For various reasons, few families today choose to go overseas, and the leaders [Read More…]

Where Have All the (European) Babies Gone?

This past weekend, the New York Times magazine featured a startling piece called, simply, “No Babies?” by writer Russell Shorto. The very long and engrossing article spans ten pages (in a web sense) and includes the following notable quotations and ideas. The plummeting global birthrate– “[A]round the world, even in developing countries, birthrates have plummeted [Read More…]

The Housing Preferences of “Gen Y”, and What They Tell Us

One of the best things about having a blog that your family and friends know about is having good links sent to you. My eagle-eyed mother-in-law directed me to a great story in the Charleston Post and Courier by Stacy Downs called “Gen Y in a Rush for Change in New Home Style”. It can [Read More…]

Excellent Material from the reThink Conference on Family Ministry

I’m back in the states, and recently received word on an important and helpful conference on family ministry: “A couple of weeks ago Providence Baptist Church the reThink Conference 08 in Raleigh, NC. The conference came about as a result of Steve Wright’s book on family equipping entitled reThink. What started small has gained tremendous [Read More…]