The Woman Who Aborted Two Babies–and Found God’s Grace

Mars Hill Church just published a moving testimony by a Seattle woman named Holly Webster. Holly shares in her essay how she had two abortions early in life and felt continual shame for her sin. What was it that loosed her, as she remembers it? It was confession of sin. Holly explains her gospel epiphany: [Read More…]

Quick Hits: Chris Brauns’s “Unpacking Forgiveness” and Al Mohler’s “Atheism Remix”

I’ve recently received two noteworthy books that I wish to introduce to readers of this blog.  Chris Brauns’s Unpacking Forgiveness (Crossway, 2008) is an excellent study of biblical, Christ-centered forgiveness.  It includes a huge smattering of helpful practical advice on how one actually goes about forgiving those who have sinned against us.  I’m going to [Read More…]

Preaching We Need: Scroggins on Forgiveness

This last part of the “Preaching We Need” mini-series comes from one of Southern Seminary’s finest preachers, Dr. Jimmy Scroggins. The dean of Boyce College, the undergraduate school of the seminary, Scroggins is a born preacher and a personal friend. He possesses the winsomeness, the sharp mind, and the masculine force necessary to construct and [Read More…]