Statecraft is Soulcraft and Healthcare Is Health

If you are like me, the niceties of health care policy are not your forte. The recent fracas over health care in America, therefore, may have gone over your head. Better to avoid those technical discussions and keep on keepin’ on. Here’s one thing to think about, though: government decisions affect our lives. Here’s an [Read More…]

Public Speaking, Sarah Palin, and “Accidental” Plagiarism

I know some folks saw this video a while back, but I just came across it again and almost fell out of my chair laughing.  It’s the “boom goes the dynamite” segment from a poor Ball State sportscaster, and it is ridiculously funny. Note: Brian Collins sounds like a good guy.  Read the updated story.  [Read More…]

George Will on Supposed Climate Change

The perenially sane George Will just weighed in on some very bad news for climate-change doomsdayists: On Nov. 2, The Wall Street Journal‘s Jeffrey Ball reported some inconvenient data. Soon after the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change—it shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with the Thinking Man’s Thinking Man—reported that global warming is “unequivocal,” [Read More…]