The Link 8.14.09: Awkward Family Photos, Pastor-Theologians, and People Growth

1. One of the single funniest websites I’ve come across is Awkward Family Photos.  The title tells the story.  Your life will be more complete by visiting this site. 2. Gerald Hiestand of Harvest Bible Chapel (home of renowned preacher James MacDonald) has the best single piece I’ve seen on the pastor-theologian.  Seminarians and pastors, [Read More…]

The Moral Vision of a Tormented Man: The New Yorker Remembers Author David Foster Wallace

The New Yorker has just published a piece about the writer David Foster Wallace entitled “The Unfinished.” It details a depressed man who grasped for a moral vision and a lasting joy.  Sadly, it seems, he found neither, as the following quotations show. On his depression and seeming addiction to medication: “The writer David Foster [Read More…]