Adults, Video Games, and the Liberating Power of Limitation

I recently had the opportunity to be on a fresh new podcast, Christ and Pop Culture. This podcast is hosted by my fellow church members Rich Brooks and David Dunham. Rich (his group blog) and David (his blog) are talented, fun guys (with well-done blogs), and I would encourage you to regularly listen to their [Read More…]

Sometimes, the Only Halo Related to the Youth Is a Game…

Well, I’m being a little fascetious there. But you can excuse me, I think–it was too fun to pass up. This is a fun discussion, and I’m thankful for everyone who’s chimed in. Very stimulating stuff. Essentially, I think that all who have commented essentially agree. No one really wants to slam a church youth [Read More…]

Youth Groups, Halo 3, and the Evangelistic Imperative

Note: I am leaving this piece up for today (Wednesday) because of the response it has attracted. I’ll continue my commentary on the issues it raises tomorrow. The New York Times published a piece yesterday on how church youth groups are using the video game Halo 3 to attract young people, specifically young men, who [Read More…]