The Link 11.13.09: Steven Curtis Chapman, Young Rapping Conservatives, and Sarah Palin Populism

1. Steven Curtis Chapman has a beautiful new album out called Beauty Will Rise.  Buy the album.  Seriously.  Even if, like me, you rarely buy CCM stuff, you should buy this one.  It’s filled with sadness, truth, and hope.  I don’t know that I’ve heard anything quite like it. Also, here’s a CNN interview with [Read More…]

The Link 8.22.09: Leeman on Discipleship, the Super-Rich, and Mosques Swallowing Synagogues

1. Jonathan Leeman of 9Marks has a great series of posts that discusses how immanence and transcendence relate to various aspects of Christian ministry.  It’s way, way deeper than your average deal.  Here’s part one; part two; and part three.  2. John Piper discusses what to do when storms, or “tornadoes,” hit in life. (Photo: BlisstheFamily) [Read More…]

The Link 4.10.09: Islam, A-Rod, and Universal Health Care

1. If you have not read Al Mohler’s recent piece on Islam, I cannot recommend you do so more strongly.  Islam is a topic of huge importance for Christians, and I’ve rarely seen a Christian thinker address it more helpfully and clearly than Mohler does. 2. ESPN columnist Bill Simmons on the A-Rod phenomenon.  3. [Read More…]

The Politics of Jesus Podcasts Are Now Online

According to a recent notice from conference organizer Doug Baker, the podcasts for the “Politics of Jesus” conference are now online. Each runs between 50-70 minutes.  I’ve included my live-blog of each message so that you can follow along as you listen. David Nelson, Adorning Our Savior’s Teaching: How the Gospel Matters for Public Life [Read More…]

The Politics of Jesus Conference: Final Thoughts

The conference has now concluded.  It was an honor to be asked to live-blog this event.  I can say that it was personally easy for me to accept this gracious invitation because I love the fact that a Baptist State Convention is leading the way in thinking faithfully and carefully on the relationship between Christian faith [Read More…]

The Politics of Jesus, Message Three: “Remaking the Future: The Looming Challenge of Resurgent Islam and Evolving Transhumanism”

Dr. C. Ben Mitchell, Associate Professor of Bioethics and Contemporary Culture at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Chicago, IL, spoke on the morning of Friday, October 10th at the “The Politics of Jesus” conference at the First Baptist Church of Durham, NC on “Remaking the Future: The Looming Challenge of Resurgent Islam and Evolving Transhumanism.”  The message [Read More…]

Two Articles to Help Christians Evangelize and Think in a Confused World

I work for the Henry Center at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL.  The Center publishes for free a series of essays designed to outfit intellectual Christian students and laypeople meet contemporary challenges to the faith.  The Henry Center is pleased to announce the release of two important articles that cover apologetic topics relative [Read More…]

The Week-est Link, January 25 2008

1. Thanks so much to all the bloggers out there who have linked to consumed. I really appreciate it, and thanks to all who left very kind comments last week about my blog. I was very encouraged as I always am by the commenters on this blog. 2. Here’s what looks like a perceptive and [Read More…]