Are We Witnessing a Writing Resurgence in Evangelicalism?

What’s up with Christian fiction? We had a fantastic burst of production in the mid-twentieth century. Some good works have come out since then. But for many years, we waited for another Lewis or Tolkien to no avail. There are signs of stirring in the evangelical movement. We’re young, restless, and writing. N. D. Wilson has [Read More…]

Do Something Really Hedonistic & Wild: Get Married Young

Noteworthy piece from Karen Swallow Prior at The Atlantic on the costs of delaying marriage and the case for entering into it while young. Here’s a swatch: Interestingly, in a 2009 report, sociologist Mark Regnerus found that much of the pressure to delay marriage comes from parents who encourage their children to finish their education before marrying. One [Read More…]