The Link 6.5.09: Teaching Writing, The Great Commission, and Church Planting

1. I cannot help but again recommend the Mat Kearney song “Closer to Love” to you.  So you know, it is not me who is doing the recommending, it is the musical beast inside of me. 2. What makes good writing good?  Can one teach others to write?  This New Yorker piece by Louis Menand [Read More…]

Thumbspeak: The Phenomenon of “Texting” and What it Means for Communication

Good piece from the New Yorker just published in this week’s edition.  Entitled “Thumbspeak” and written by Louis Menand, the short article covers a new book by David Crystal, Txting: The Gr8 Db8.  Here are some quick hits from the interesting piece: The Anatomy of Texting (for those not in the know): “Most of the [Read More…]