Revival–In Maine!?

Note: this is a cross-post from Church Matters, the 9Marks blog.  I am posting it here only because this good news deserves to be spread. ************ Several hundred years ago, revival broke out in New England under the watchcare of America’s greatest pastor, Jonathan Edwards.  275 years later, it may be happening again. From Downeast [Read More…]

The Culinary Delights of Portland, Maine

I am not just a blogger, an armchair theologian.  I am in fact a part-time, self-appointed tourism assistant for my beloved home state: Maine. Acting as I constantly do in this role, and recently surfing various websites, I came across this NYT article on the excellent cuisine of one Portland, Maine.  I might note before [Read More…]

The Link 8.28.09: Street Basketball, Band of Horses, Lead09 Conference

1. Linked at Truehoop, the best basketball blog on the web, this is one of the best pieces I’ve read about the experience of playing basketball.  Don’t worry–I have read many. 2. Have you heard the song “The Funeral” by Band of Horses? It’s haunting.  I don’t know what it’s about. 3. Wondering what to [Read More…]

Free Contraception for Middle-Schoolers, and Planned Parenthood in the Mall: The Mainstreaming of Abortion

You can imagine my shock when I looked up at the news channel and saw the headline, “Maine School to Give Contraception to Middle-Schoolers.” I was initially surprised to see the word “Maine” on a tv newscast. This is not a common occurrence. Unfortunately, the headline was not a happy one. Apparently, a middle school [Read More…]