One of the Most Helpful Posts on Guidance I’ve Read: Dever on Subjectivism

Update on 2/21/08: Apparently I linked to the wrong blog yesterday. Thankfully, Mark Dever caught my error and corrected it, as you can see in the comments. I’m pretty sure that this is the first time he’s ever seen this blog, so I’ll have to err more often. I came across a very helpful little [Read More…]

The New 9Marks eJournal: Corporate Prayer

If you don’t check the 9Marks site for its bimonthly offerings (all free!), you should. It is like taking a course in whatever subject the site is examining. It’s amazing that it is free, because there are multiple contributors each issue who offer choice insights and expert analysis. Though I have a book review in [Read More…]

The Week-est Link, Dec. 21

Okay, so it’s not actually December 21, but I was out of town the past few days taking care of job stuff so I’m giving you my links a couple of days after they were originally scheduled to hit. The “Spiritual ambition” stuff picks back up tomorrow. 1. I highly recommend this strange and at [Read More…]

The Gospel Growth Conference

I’ve mentioned this once before on this blog, but I want to do so again. Matthias Media and 9Marks Ministries are hosting the “Gospel Growth” conference in about a month’s time. If you are interested in going, all you need to do is click on this link and read about the conference. Here is a [Read More…]

The Final T4G Ad: Dever as 70s Hipster

Here is the fourth and final “ad” for T4G 2008. This is a picture of a young Mark Dever. It’s a good picture. I must say, he was a pretty cool guy back in the day. As the ad implies, the years have been, um, challenging. (Fact: when in a verbal bind, the word “challenging” [Read More…]

New 9Marks Conference on Church Growth

One of my least favorite ecclesiastical ideas is that of church growth. I personally see the very idea of church growth as a pragmatic invention of the twentieth century by which pastors and church leaders focus more on numbers and programs than on individuals and piety. There is very little of the church growth movement [Read More…]