Is Mark Noll Right? Is There No Evangelical Mind?

Paul Miller just wrote a fun post at Schaeffer’s Ghost, a blog I commend to you, reviewing Mark Noll’s Scandal of the Evangelical Mind. Paul largely agreed with Noll’s polemic: But I have to say that I think Noll is basically right—or, at least, he was right when he wrote this twenty years ago. I say that [Read More...]

Mark Noll on His Time at TEDS

From a recent piece in the Christian Century (HT: Nathan Finn): As an undergraduate at Wheaton College I learned from several professors how natural it could be to link serious intellectual pursuits with simple Christian faithfulness. At Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in the early 1970s I learned still more. Several faculty, led by David Wells, [Read More...]

Do We Seek the Conversion of Countries–or People?

I recently read evangelical historian Mark Noll’s masterwork, America’s God. Published in 2002 by Oxford, the book traces the relationship between Christianity and political life in America from a theological perspective. Or, to put it differently, America’s God is theological history, albeit theological history of an entire country with a special emphasis on the intersection [Read More...]