The Link, February 20, 2009: Kobe Bryant, Whiny Students, and Sermon “Battle Plans”

1. You should watch the hilarious Nike viral video featuring Kobe Bryant as a salesman for “ankle insurance.” Well worth the 2:20 of your life. 2. Grade-obsessed students, meet thy judgment: the Times has a great story on grade inflation and student attitudes. Key quotation: “A recent study by researchers at the University of California, [Read More…]

Mark Driscoll and the 900: Toughness and Manliness in Gospel Ministry

Those of you who want a high-viscosity challenge in the realm of Christian ministry should check out Mark Driscoll’s call for 900 men: “We are deadly serious about the great commission and loading all guns to storm hell with the gospel of grace. And we need more men. Nine hundred men. Not boys—men. Real men. [Read More…]

The Week-est Link, October 31, 2008

1. Don’t let the polls affect your voting. So says no less an authority than Karl Rove.  If you initially disagree with him, think about 2000…and 2004… 2. The Henry Center is sponsoring a “Day with Dr. Don” at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA on December 8.  That’s their title, not ours.  He’ll be [Read More…]

Driscoll on Effective Ministry: Food for Thought

A buddy of mine passed on a link to what looks like a fascinating talk by pastor Mark Driscoll of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church.  Given to some 600 Anglicans (!) in Sydney last week, the talk represents Driscoll’s view of the challenges for effective ministry in Australia.  I don’t have audio for it, but I [Read More…]