Video of My Appearance on FOX News’s “Huckabee”

This segment of the FOX News show¬†Huckabee aired on July 4-5, 2014. I was thankful to have a chance to discuss sexual ethics, religious liberty, and the controversy at Bowdoin College, my alma mater. Governor Huckabee cares deeply about religious liberty issues, and so Bowdoin effectively kicking the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship group off campus was [Read More…]

The Week-est Link, Jan. 4, 2008

1. A look at the Emergent Church movement by PBS. The video is 10:44 long. It’s got some interesting material, and commentary from a Trinity Evangelical Divinity School professor, Don Carson. I’m hoping to take a class from him in coming days. The video shows us that the Emergent Church is a confused movement, a [Read More…]

The Week-est Link, Nov. 9

1. A tear-your-hair-out piece from Men’s Vogue by the former New York Times reporter Charlie LeDuff. Apparently LeDuff, a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, decided to stay at home following his daughter’s birth. His wife went to work. Writes LeDuff: I am sad for those fathers I had the pleasure to know during the years I was [Read More…]