10 Million Words: Or, Something Only Tim Challies Would Attempt

The latest from Ben Peays and The Gospel Coalition: The Gospel Coalition is pleased to welcome 10 Million Words — a new blog by Tim Challies. Over the next year Challies will read and review all of The New York Times bestsellers (nearly 200!). The aim of this project is to learn about American culture [Read More…]

David Brooks: We Need a Moral Economic Awakening

NYT columnist David Brooks has a thoughtful column out today called “The Next Culture War” that suggests that the shameful levels of debt our country is now carrying are a moral issue.  He’s got a great point, I think, though I disagree with him on a number of matters (the “culture wars” and the issues [Read More…]

NYT: Modern Women are Unhappy

I have blogged about this before–mainly because it keeps coming up–but I’ve just read a fascinating piece called “Blue Is the New Black” by NYT op-ed columnist Maureen Dowd in which she briefly explores her thesis that modern women are unhappy. (Photo: Adam Polselli) Here’s a synopsis of her argument: [T]he more women have achieved, [Read More…]

Social Media Update: Quitting Facebook, or, Maybe Quitters Do Win

There is a cottage media industry out there that writes endlessly about social networking.  Some pieces from this corner are skippable, others are culturally noteworthy.  As with the Twitter usage post from last week, this NYT feature on people quitting Facebook, entitled “Facebook Exodus,” is worth a read. Apparently, lots of folks are leaving Facebook, [Read More…]

Democracy Fights for its Life: Profile of Hamid Karzai

Elizabeth Rubin of the New York Times magazine has an engrossing story on Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai that is worth reading.  Here’s the intro paragraph: On a sunny June morning in Kabul, I sat among hundreds of turbaned men from Afghanistan’s Helmand and Kandahar provinces in a chandeliered wedding hall where they had gathered for [Read More…]

Parents Rethinking Parenting, and Other Partially Encouraging Developments

Found this material interesting on modern parenting: “But in the past few months, a second wave has taken hold — writers are moving past merely venting and are trying to gather the like-minded into a new movement. Carl Honoré is one. He calls it “slow parenting” — no more rushing around physically and metaphorically, no [Read More…]

The Link 5.29.09: Mat Kearney’s Music, Bill Clinton’s Life, and Marley (and Me)

1. Musician Mat Kearney has a new album out, City of Black and White.  Upon hearing the incredible first single, “Closer to Love”, I immediately downloaded the whole thing.  It’s well worth the price.  Kearney, a self-identified Christian, has made a stirring, inspiring album.  For those of us who have been following him for several [Read More…]

Newsflash: Modern Women Are Unhappy

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat has just penned a provocative piece called “Liberated and Unhappy” that briefly analyzes a new study entitled “The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness” by economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers. Here’s what Douthat says about the study: “[T]he achievements of the feminist era may have delivered women to greater [Read More…]

Atheists in the Lowcountry

From a story published today in the NYT: “It’s not about carrying banners or protesting,” said Herb Silverman, a math professor at the College of Charleston who founded the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry, which has about 150 members on the coast of the Carolinas. “The most important thing is coming out of the closet.” [Read More…]