The Link 10.30.09: The Swell Season, the World’s Best Dunker, and Anti-Heroes

A number of fun things for your Internet consumption today. 1. Have you heard of The Swell Season?  It’s the duo that produced the film “Once.” Excellent music.  You can stream most of the cd online. 2. You read this blog, so you know that I can’t resist a good dunk every now and then.  [Read More…]

The Week-est Link, March 14, 2008: 9 Crimes, and the Sound of Falling Slowly

1. Earlier this week, I wrote about the movie Once. Here’s the movie’s key song, “Falling Slowly”. Tell me it’s not a great song. It’s especially exhilarating to see the song performed in the movie. It’s all make-believe, of course, but in the movie, the key actors compose it together in a music store. It’s [Read More…]

What the Movie “Once” Shows Us About the Power of Music

Here’s a movie you should consider seeing: Once. It’s an independent film made for $160,000, and yet it is better than many films costing 100 times more. It is not an incredible film, but it has a soul. It tells a simple but moving message of the power of music. To briefly summarize the film, [Read More…]