What to Learn from the Zakaria & Lehrer Plagiarism Scandals

If you follow journalism as I do, you’re aware that it’s a big deal when a big-time journalist is busted for plagiarism.  Stephen Glass.  Jayson Blair.  It’s not every day that a major-media figure gets in hot water for passing off someone else’s work as their own, though I haven’t heard much evangelical talk about [Read More…]

The Globalization of Cheating: The Chronicle on Essay Mills

Did that brilliant essay come from your student–or from somewhere far, far away? The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published an engrossing story entitled “Cheating Goes Global as Essay Mills Multiply” by Thomas Bartlett.  It tackles this question, and is quite worth a read (photo: The Chronicle). The gist of the situation: “Everyone knows essay [Read More…]