The Cessation of Planned Parenthood

The tipping point against abortion is coming. It may well be here. Planned Parenthood is on the run. It may be giving out awards to one mainstream journalist after another, but no matter. It senses the change in the wind. The abortion industry is a sham. It bills itself as medical. It presents itself as [Read More…]

“A less crunchy technique for more whole specimens”: The Banality of Planned Parenthood

Hannah Arendt famously described Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann by using the phrase “the banality of evil.” The man did not loom over his onlookers at his trial; he did not suggest by his carriage, his posture, that he was capable of preposterous acts of evil, and in fact had done them. He seemed like an [Read More…]

Evangelicals Writing In Praise of Margaret Sanger?

I just read a piece that truly shocked me. Thin Places, a blog hosted by Christianity Today, published a piece by Rachel Marie Stone entitled “Contraception Saves Lives” that “reconsiders” Margaret Sanger (HT: Eric Teetsel). Much of Stone’s piece focuses on the benefits of birth control, but part of it repristinates Sanger herself. On my first tour of Zomba Central [Read More…]

Great News: Four Less Abortion Clinics in Wisconsin

Got two resources on the fight against abortion for you. First, a Huffington Post piece today noted the closure of four Planned Parenthood clinics in Wisconsin (HT: Sarah Pulliam Bailey). Somewhere, the angels are rejoicing. Four less houses of death. God is good. Bless you, Scott Walker, and your courageous public leadership. State governors and legislatures, we [Read More…]

Abortionist: “Let Me See You Adopt Those Ugly Black Babies”

The above clip is one of the more horrifying things I’ve seen caught on camera.  In the 38-second video, pro-life Christians confront an abortionist.  I don’t know the circumstances of this conversation, but it is clearly a visceral encounter. In the course of the confrontation, the abortionist yells at the pro-lifers “I as a taxpayer [Read More…]

Margaret Sanger Wanted to Eliminate “Human Weeds”

Ben Domenech’s Transom email is chock-full of good links and thoughts.  Recently, it included the material listed below from the Margaret Sanger corpus.  Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, came up recently when Herman Cain, embattled Republican candidate for the presidential nomination, suggested on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that she wanted “to kill black babies.”  [Read More…]

Newsweek on Abortion: The Culture of Death and Societal “Progression”

Newsweek‘s Eleanor Clift just wrote a column on how the battle over national health care now includes significant debate over the role of abortion within public health plans. I’m not going to engage the question of universal health care or the matter of publicly funded abortions.  I do not support either of these matters.  What [Read More…]

Are Laws Really That Powerful in Today’s World?

Have you heard claims from some that abortion rates have recently fallen due to Clinton-administration efforts?  And that laws, whether state or federal, have no bearing on abortion rates in America?  If you’re like many (most?) Americans, and you’ve heard both claims, here are some stats for you from an article by Michael New on [Read More…]

Free Contraception for Middle-Schoolers, and Planned Parenthood in the Mall: The Mainstreaming of Abortion

You can imagine my shock when I looked up at the news channel and saw the headline, “Maine School to Give Contraception to Middle-Schoolers.” I was initially surprised to see the word “Maine” on a tv newscast. This is not a common occurrence. Unfortunately, the headline was not a happy one. Apparently, a middle school [Read More…]