A Gripping and Sobering Tale: Ron Chernow’s Biography of Rockefeller and the Lessons it Holds

About four years ago, economic historian Ron Chernow completed his multi-year work, Titan (Vintage, 2004). The book’s title mirrors its heft. This is nothing short of a titanic feat. In his capstone text, Chernow has delivered a rich, engrossing, exhaustively detailed portrait of one of history’s most fascinating economic figures, the oilman, John D. Rockefeller, [Read More…]

What I Am Reading Now: Or, This Is What Happens When Your Buddy “Tags” You

My friend Reid Monaghan “tagged” me to fill out this little survey about reading. I played along. What are you reading on Spring reading days? I do not have Spring reading days. Currently I am reading various works of Jonathan Edwards for my class on the same. “Heaven Is a World of Love” was recently [Read More…]