With Tears: On Racism and the Gospel

Like many, I have been deeply saddened by the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. I have wanted to carefully think through these matters. We feel great pressure today to speak instantaneously and with maximal depth about current events. I found that I needed to listen, learn, and hear my brothers and sisters speak–particularly [Read More…]

Problematic Teaching from NCFIC Hip Hop Panelists

I just had my attention brought to problematic teachings made by members of the NCFIC panel I blogged about last week. Dan Horn has suggested that, in the antebellum period, slaves “were treated as part of a family.” He says so in this video. (UPDATE: link fixed.) This is highly problematic in historical terms. Many slaves were [Read More…]

Can Modern Christians Learn Theology from Slaveowners?

This is the toughest–and most hotly debated–question among modern evangelicals interested in some level in Christian history today. Should we read the works of men who held slaves? Can we profit from them? I come to this issue with my own perspective and background, those which God gave me. It was helpful for me to [Read More…]

The Monumentally Inspiring Example of Wilberforce

I don’t know about you, but if you’re involved in some way in the fight against abortion, it can be easy to get discouraged. Usually I blog about a more current matter, but today I feel the need to go back and read a really encouraging story.  William Wilberforce labored for decades to see the [Read More…]

Robby George and Greg Thornbury on Natural Law: A Valuable InSight Podcast

The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has just released an excellent podcast on natural-law thinking featuring an interview conducted by Doug Baker with constitutional law scholar Robby George and systematician Greg Thornbury. It is called “Morality: Past its Prime”, and it will prove profitable to the listener. For those who are new to this [Read More…]