Theologian Russ Moore on the Story of Scripture

Today, I found a great link from Tim Challies’s website. Dr. Russ Moore has just published a lengthy and incisive essay on the story of Scripture. It relates heavily to the development of Christocentric theology, a topic I’ve discussed at times on this blog and one which I’m working through in seeking to develop my [Read More…]

Embodied Theology: Or, a Brief Investigation of How Theology Applies to Life

I’m taking a PhD class on the Enlightenment with the master historian John Woodbridge. He’s a genuine gem of a Christian scholar, as he combines humble piety with an academic pedigree including a PhD on the Enlightenment era from the University of Paris, a teaching stint at Northwestern University, and multiple monographs, including the hugely [Read More…]

One Thing Jeremiah Wright Has Right: The Pastor Is a Theologian (and the Theologian Is a Pastor)

There’s been much to-do about Barack Obama’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I came across a helpful collection of resources from NPR on the theological stream in which Wright fits, the black liberationist theologians and preachers. If you have a few moments, take a listen. NPR, of course, slants strongly left, but they’re well-researched. Beyond [Read More…]

Bruce Ware on Christ and a Spirit-Empowered Ministry

We are all blessed in many and different ways, but a personal joy for me is the fact that I have a theologian for a father-in-law. It is a privilege and a great help to me–I am so thankful for my father-in-law, for his ministry to church, academy, and world, and for his great personal [Read More…]

A Theology of Ambition: Biblical Considerations, Pt. 1

I’m going to give you several different texts to think about in relation to my topic. Today and tomorrow, we do a study of biblical material. After that, we synthesize the material. 1. Gen. 1:26-28 the call to take dominion2. 1 Chron. 4:10 Jabez’s bold prayer 3. 2 Chron. 1:7-13 Solomon’s ambitious prayer for wisdom4. [Read More…]

A Theology of Ambition

In some evangelical circles, piety is equated with passivity. The holiest person is the one who sits the stillest, waits the longest, and does the least. Somewhere along the way, godliness became equated with doing very little, with sitting on one’s hands, with praying for hours while sitting for the same. This version of the [Read More…]

Just How Basic Is the Textual Theme of James?

These are serious time for your friendly neighborhood seminary students. We’re in “reading week,” and next week is finals week. I have just written my last seminary paper, and let me tell you, it feels incredible. Fellow seminarians, if you’re wondering if finishing seminary really is all cracked up to be, consider this a news [Read More…]