What Is the Future of the SBC?

It is a live question: what is the future of the Southern Baptist Convention? Actually, this is a relevant question for any and all evangelical denominations and networks. As we head into what surely looks like a storm at sea, what do our prospects look like? Will we be able to plant churches in the [Read More…]

Thom Rainer: Suffering and Sanctification in Nashville

Thom Rainer, President and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources in Nashville, has a noteworthy post up about his experiences in the recent flood in Tennessee.  With many others, my heart goes out to Rainer and his fellow southerners who have suffered. He wrote the following in the wake of discovering much damage to his home [Read More…]

Books to Buy: Dockery on SBC and Dutcher on Idolatry

Two books to highlight in this installment of Books to Buy.  This is not a review post, but a quick summary designed to put good books on your radar screen. The first is Union University president David Dockery’s new Southern Baptist Identity: An Evangelical Denomination Faces the Future (Crossway, 2009).  The text is an edited [Read More…]

Compelling Books: Thom Rainer’s Simple Church

This is not a book review of Rainer’s 2005 text, Simple Church, but more a reflection based on the book. I will give you a quick summation before I leave you with my thoughts. Rainer, a church consultant and strategist and current president of the SBC publishing monolith Lifeway Books, writes with Eric Geiger, a [Read More…]