Linsanity: Jeremy Lin, Christian Basketball Star

If you haven’t heard of Jeremy Lin yet, you soon will (see this dated Time article).  He’s a Christian basketball player for the New York Knicks.  He’s also a Harvard graduate and an Asian-American.  I’ve followed Lin on Twitter for some time, but he struggled early in the season as he was cut from the [Read More…]

“We’re in the Middle of a Literacy Revolution”: Wired Magazine on the New Literacy

I’ve got more great stuff for you on how social media is affecting our lives.  This is a fascinating piece from Wired magazine called “Clive Thompson on the New Literacy” that covers briefly a study by a Stanford University professor named Andrea Lunsford of 14,000 pieces of writing by college students–academic papers, blogs, texts, chat [Read More…]

Cultural Irony: Twitter Users Are Dad and Mom, Not the Kids

The New York Times has an ironic piece up about Twitter users.  Apparently, they’re older, not young.  Surprising. Especially funny to me was the quotation from an 18-year-old girl (photo: Tim Shaffer/NYT).  She is not necessarily the embodiment of maturity–she gets tons of text messages a day–but she has some funny words about the purpose [Read More…]

Want Country Music Stardom? Upload a Video

Seeking worldwide musical fame?  Upload a video to YouTube.  Actually, please don’t.  Veronica Ballestrini, budding country music star, didn’t take my advice, and she’s on her way to a record deal: In a video posted to YouTube in January 2008, Veronica Ballestrini — then 16, blond, precocious — sits on a wrinkled couch wearing a [Read More…]

The Link 7.24.09: Mark Driscoll’s Book, Tim Tebow’s Faith, and Martha’s Vineyard

1. Have you seen the new Sports Illustrated profile of University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow?  If not, here it is.  This guy seems to be the real deal.  An outspoken Christian who loves preaching the gospel.  Encouraging. 2. That street vendor selling hot dogs?  According to the NYT, he’s on Twitter.  3. For those of [Read More…]

“Someone Tweeted”: My (Fake) Day in the Twitterverse

Purely for fun, I decided to do a fake Twitter day.  This is a satire, but it’s not hard-edged.  For fun. So here goes.  The first and only Twitter entry of “owenstrachan”.  I’m sure that at this point you’re holding your breath.  Some events and persons have been created or edited for comedic effect. ***************** [Read More…]

Killing Narcissism: Or, How Focusing on Others Might Just Save Our Souls

“I shall not demean my own uniqueness by envy of others. I shall stop boring into myself to discover what psychological or social categories I might belong to. Mostly I shall simply forget about myself and do my work.”  (Clyde Kilby quoted in John Piper, The Hidden Smile of God, 112) A good friend passed [Read More…]

Legalism and Twitter

A quick word following up on the Twitter discussion began last week: I’ve seen the word “legalism” attached to my blogs.  While I don’t think I’m immune to legalism by any stretch, I would note very quickly that I avoided attaching the word “sin” to my post.  I also strove to avoid an automatic equation [Read More…]

The Twitter Debate: To Use or Not to Use?

Yesterday’s blog drew a good number of reactions from thoughtful folks. Here are a few responses to comments from yesterday’s post. Many Christians will use Twitter or their Facebook status relatively responsibly. Many, for the most part, won’t be narcissistic, self-promoting, time-wasters, and so on. Great. Many others, however, will not. And thus Facebook and [Read More…]

Questioning Twitter and Status Updates: Or, How to Become Unpopular with Everyone in a Few Short Paragraphs

From Rich Clark’s piece on the good of Twitter over at the always provocative Christ and Pop Culture website: “While we need to acknowledge that a virtual, internet relationship is really no relationship at all, we also need to be honest and acknowledge what can be the real world benefit of knowing, for instance, that [Read More…]