Book Review: Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! Every year I get a stack of books ready for Lent. Mostly I get books that will help me to remember that it is Lent and that the point of Lent is to shut out the outside world as much as possible to nourish my relationship with God. For me, God is mostly silent the whole time and my life goes up in flames. My life is crazy anyway so I am kind of used to it but Lent really brings out the extra special crazy. For example, for the last four years we get lice on the Monday … [Read more...]

Taste & See: Help with the Pollution of Noise

When I first got the review copy for Taste & See by Ginny Kubitz Moyer for the Patheos book club , I wasn’t really too sure what to think about it. But as I read the introduction it became pretty clear that this is a book that I need in my life right now.“God speaks to me not in mystical, abstract ways but through the stuff of daily life.” , Ginny writes in the introduction. God talks to me in the same way, mostly in the hard parts of life when I feel like I can’t keep going, He shows up … [Read more...]

Book Review: Writing my Wrongs by Shaka Senghor

In the pages of Shaka Senghor’s memoir, Writing my Wrongs, I found one theme: the dignity of the human person. That is the theme to everything when you look at Catholic Social Teaching. Easter Season is the perfect time to be reminded of that.Shaka writes about his childhood and his mother’s spankings along with the divorce of his parents and how that impacted his life. At 14 he began selling drugs after running away from home and at 17 was shot. At 19 he shot and killed a man which led h … [Read more...]

Dear Pope Francis, Not Just a Book for Kids

I was excited to check out this Dear Pope Francis by Pope Francis for my grandchildren. My youngest child is 14 so I wasn't really sure if I would like a Catholic children's book, but I love Pope Francis so I figured it would be good to have around for my grand kids.What I found was a great book for myself. I grew up without a father to ask questions to. I would spend a lot of time alone daydreaming about having one and what we would talk about. I am sure that wanting a father so bad was one … [Read more...]

Book Review: Operating on Faithby Matt Weber

 Operating on Faith by Matt Weber is a memoir about suffering, marriage, love and what happens in life when you think everything is perfect.I will be honest, I didn't really think that I would relate much to a book written by someone who pretty much seemed to have everything so well together. As I began reading this book the author spoke about his perfect life, his parents who are still together and his wonderful Texas engagement party in Houston, Texas, which is my favorite Texas … [Read more...]

Book Review: Freedom by Everett Fritz

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Everett Fritz for my radio show on Breadbox Media. He is the author of a book called Freedom which he wrote after looking for a book to help young men live the virtue of chastity in a practical way.I'm going to be honest, I am always skeptical about books that deal with chastity for many reasons. Mostly because I tried to teach my oldest son all about sex outside of marriage being wrong and I failed. I taught him the teachings of the Church, he … [Read more...]

Book Review: My Badass Book of Saints

 Today I’m joining the conversation on My Badass Book of Saints for the Patheos Book Club. When I first saw this book making the rounds I really loved the title. I have always felt that our saints are uber badass and especially the women! I know that men are awesome and male saints all have fantastic stories on how they lived lives that brought Glory to God in huge ways, but I am a woman and having women saints to look to as role models is a gift.When certain circles look at H … [Read more...]

Book Review: Tweeting with God

I will be honest, when I got Tweeting With God  in the mail I didn't really know what to think about it. I really don't care much for Twitter, mostly because I don't know how to use it. Twitter and Facebook are a lot like Algebra and Geometry, usually people like one or the other. I happen to be a Facebook addict user.But then I got an email reminding me to review this book so I took it off my shelf and began reading through it. Then I handed it to my 16-year-old son who loves to read Peter K … [Read more...]

Book Review: Gifts of the Visitation, Nine Spiritual Encounters with Mary and Elizabeth

After my conversion I really worked hard to get to know God: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I really had never entered into a relationship with God Himself so for me, Mary and Joseph were kind of in the background. I had always known about Mary because of the Christmas story and because of my mom and aunts. They are Hispanic Catholics which meant there were statues and giant pictures of the Blessed Mother in every house that I ever went to as a child.  You can say that she has followed … [Read more...]