The Election, Failure and Where to Go From Here

It has been a crazy 48 hours since the election results came in and Donald Trump was announced as our president-elect. I did not see this coming. I voted for Hillary Clinton, not because I wanted her to win but because I was sure she was better for the job and was going to win anyway. I considered it the best way to stand against what Trump stood for. I was prepared to fight against what she would come with. I was not prepared for him to win.Since then I have failed. I have failed as a … [Read more...]

In the Wake of The World’s Tragedies

  I have been working almost every day for the last few weeks. My days off are full of a million things to do, so I haven't really been able to keep up with all the internet happenings. News goes really fast in the online world. A week is like a year and news blows up, everyone discusses it, we decide what we are pissed about and then lament about it for days. Then we are off to the next thing. I don't know if this is exclusive to Catholic online life or if it goes for … [Read more...]

Death Does Not Win

Three months ago I sat by the bedside in a hospice and witnessed the most terrifying thing of my entire life as I watched my Tio Roy take his last breaths. His death scared me and the sounds, smells and loss of life haunts me. But even in the middle of all that I saw beauty, holiness, God's Faithfulness, the beginning of a new life and so much joyful love. I learned why I'm Catholic. It's not to impress anyone, it is to die with dignity and love for God like my Tio did. It is to leave behind … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga, a Cure for the Mondays

I woke up this morning with a picture of Lady Gaga and a priest and a caption where she mentioned the Eucharist being the food given to us from God. I was sure that I was still asleep or reading it wrong. But nope, it's true, Lady Gaga goes to Mass, says the word Eucharist and loves her priest. It was the best post I've read in a really long time.This Mother's Day I spent the day worrying about my oldest son who is having a hard time with the death of my uncle and left the Church a long time … [Read more...]

Interview: Shaka Senghor author of Writing my Wrongs

I am so happy to be able to share with you my interview with Shaka Senghor. I am inspired by his story and I hope that you are too. Even if you think that he is wrong, or that criminals should not have a voice in the way the criminal system works, please just read his answers to my questions.The one thing that I have always loved about Catholicism is that everything we do, teach and preach is based on the dignity of the human person who is made in the Image and Likeness of God. While Shaka … [Read more...]

To My 14 Year Old Self: Goodbye

 When I was 14 I had already been through things that some adults will never have to face. Right before my 14th birthday my boyfriend and I had made plans to have sex for the first time. My boyfriend at the time is now my husband and neither one of us can really remember how it all came about or how it fell apart except for bits and pieces, but it did fall apart.For years I've been wondering what happened that made me not be able to go through with it. In therapy one day it … [Read more...]

Six Years, no Arrests

It's been 6 years since I've been arrested for anything. I spent 11 years in and out of jail for really stupid things like dog tickets and hot checks, but the last one changed my life. On Oct. 29th 2009, after a month of RCIA, I was arrested for a DWI. My kids were home alone and Stacey was on Afghanistan, so I had to think fast to get bailed out and get my kids taken care of. The DPS officer left my cell phone close to me in the car so I began texting people really fast.As I sat in that jail … [Read more...]

Fourteen Years

14 years. Wow. 14 years ago I was married to Ben 8 months pregnant with my last child and on my way to work at Hooters when the first plane hit. Ben and I were fighting about getting the kids ready and Regis and Kelley were on in the background. We both noticed that something was going on and stopped what we were doing to figure out what it was. Slowly the news of a plane crash started coming in and then the second plane hit and then news of another plane hitting the Pentegon. The confusion of … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes Radio, School, Family and all around Crazy

1.It's been so long since I've done 7QTs! I missed it! So what's up with ya'll? Well, over here, it's been crazy which is the theme of my life! I was accepted into a Philosophy program at Holy Apostles College & Seminary and I decided to take 3 summer classes right off the bat. That is insane yo! I was pretty sure that my brain was going to break, but I made it and it was so much fun to be learning and using the things that I've already learned about my faith for a purpose. In the middle … [Read more...]