A few weeks ago I went deer hunting for the first time in my entire life. I grew up in the country, in a town that is full of city folk visiting deer leases every fall to try and shoot themselves a trophy buck to mount on their wall. I hated it when I was a kid thanks to the movie Bambi. I also hated it because one year I ran out the front door of my uncle's house to see three deer hung upside down with their insides hanging out. I yelled at everyone that they killed Santa's reindeer! That is … [Read more...]

How I found Myself

 Last night I wrote this post about losing myself. I went to bed thinking about it and thanking God that it seems like everything is peaceful. Then I woke up and realized that this isn't always how it will be. There will be more problems, more kids leaving and growing and changing. Aaliyah will grow up and won't remind me of the most innocent version of myself. She will be her own person with her own opinions, flaws and heartaches. Something will happen, she will be heartbroken and she … [Read more...]

Catholic Writing, Brands and Authenticity

Waiting tables is a story of how different things are "behind the scenes" verses what the world sees. The world saw working at Hooters as either a fight for women's liberation or proof of how men objectify women. I saw it as a way to take care of my kids and keep a roof over our head. The behind the scenes of most restaurants looks a lot different than what the public sees. How servers act in front of tables is totally different than how they really are. A waiter can smile and nod to a table and … [Read more...]

The Root of It All

When I was younger I went to a Baptist Church. I really did come to know the truth about God and salvation there, but I never felt like I fit in or like I was doing the Christian thing right. I was 11 years old quoting Scripture like a street evangelist. I would carry my bible around with me telling people about the fires of hell waiting for those who didn't give their lives to Jesus. Other kids were collecting baseball cards and I was collecting chick tracts.I am not sure what triggered it, … [Read more...]

Clavius, Patron of the Skeptical

 At the heart of Risen is a conversion story. There are a lot of conversion stories in the New Testament that I can identify with but Clavius is really my spirit animal apparently. I love his story. He was in charge of making sure that the body of Christ was guarded from being stolen and then when that didn’t work out well, he was put in charge of finding out what happened.In a lot of ways, Clavius was more doubtful than Thomas when it comes to the fact that Jesus rose from the d … [Read more...]

Holy Saturday: When Love and Mercy defeat Fear and Lies

I have had the best week. It's been a Holy Week full of Grace and love. It all began when I finally went to confession and Mass for the first time in months. I have spent so much of the last 3 days thinking about my life and what God has done for me.6 years ago I became Catholic and it was one of the best nights of my life. I have learned so many lessons. I have had ups and downs, I have failed at being kind, failed at being a friend, failed to be a witness of Christ and I have failed to … [Read more...]


Reconciliation is what the best moments in life are made of. When we are without a loved one for a very long time and then we know we will be back together with them everything else in the world stops.In May of 2008 I counted down the days until my childhood boyfriend would land in Austin, Texas from Iraq and I would see him for the first time in 17 years. For those 17 years I thought of him, wondered what he was doing, where he was living and what would have happened if he had married me. I … [Read more...]

Not this Again: Protestants Still Protesting

I went to a Baptist Church on my own from the age of 8 until I was 14. I began by going to Vacation Bible School with a family friend and then before I knew it, I was walking there by myself every Sunday and Wednesday. I met my husband there, we had our first kiss on the steps of that church and we made up in the baptismal font which I had been baptized in (twice, but they weren't really baptisms because I had already been baptized Catholic as a baby. But that didn't stop anyone in the Baptist … [Read more...]

7 QT’s The 40th Friday of Lent

1. I haven't really ever considered how different writing for Patheos is from just writing on my own little unknown blog. People who read my writing when I first started blogging knew what my posts were going to be like since my blog's name was Ramblings of a Crazy Face. I changed that name when I came over to Patheos and I guess that means that now people expect me to make "cogent arguments". Well, I hate to break it to ya'll, but I am still rambling like a crazy face because that is how I … [Read more...]

Babies, Sex and Birth Control

It is very difficult to find help when you are poor. Sure it seems like there are a lot of programs out there to help with all kinds of things but the thing that most poor people know is that it's a gamble to see if any of them will actually help you. You can go in to a place  and tell them that you are in the exact situation that they say their program is for, they hand you tons of paperwork, you fill it out and then they tell you you do not qualify for their services. This comes after you've s … [Read more...]