The Tomb of Grief

Last week I wrote about what happened the day that my son Anthony died by committing suicide, it had been five very fast but extremely heavy weeks. Today it’s six weeks and a day after the one year anniversary of my uncle’s death. To sum up how this last year has been let me tell you a story: the neighbor told me yesterday that the cat my dead uncle gave to my now dead kid was found dead months ago by the mailboxes. That is a lot of death in one sentence, if it’s hard to read, just try living in … [Read more...]

Rejecting God

It's no secret to anyone who has been reading my blog these past ten months that my uncle's death has sent me into a crisis of faith. I am not really sure if "crisis" is the right word because it isn't like I am struggling to believe in God, His Goodness or that everything that happens in my life will help save me, even the suffering because God has to power to do that. I know all of these things. So what is my problem? I am not sure but I had a little bit of an aha moment about what my "crisis" … [Read more...]

Absent Fathers

A few weeks ago I sat in child support court for almost an entire day and let me tell you, it was a very ugly place to be. There was anger, pain and brokenness all around me. I have been a single mother, I have gotten child support from two men for my kids and I am married to a man who has been screwed over by his ex-wife for child support by lying about the amount she has gotten from him. All that is to say that I have been on every side of this issue.When I looked around at the men though, … [Read more...]

Life: the Gift that Bites You in the Ass

You know how I said that I used to think I knew everything about parenting? Well, this is something that I've been thinking about a lot lately because I see people online all the time talking about how shitty other parents are. Whether it be about vaccines (oh lawd I said that word on my blog, I'm sure there will be a party of crazy in my combox later), food choices, parenting styles, spanking, or any other of the million things that we think we have to have an opinion about, there is always … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga, a Cure for the Mondays

I woke up this morning with a picture of Lady Gaga and a priest and a caption where she mentioned the Eucharist being the food given to us from God. I was sure that I was still asleep or reading it wrong. But nope, it's true, Lady Gaga goes to Mass, says the word Eucharist and loves her priest. It was the best post I've read in a really long time.This Mother's Day I spent the day worrying about my oldest son who is having a hard time with the death of my uncle and left the Church a long time … [Read more...]

I need to Know how to Love Jackwagons

I had great plans on how exactly Friday morning was going to go down. Pope Francis was dropping an exhortation and I was going to be one of the first people to read it (well, one of the first among us bloggers who don't get to read it before it is open to the public) and it was going to be great. I love papal documents.  I was so excited, like a kid on Christmas morning. I have a whole system in place and I can't sleep the night before, it's awesome.Then my uncle got sick and was put in ICU … [Read more...]

Babies, Sex and Birth Control

It is very difficult to find help when you are poor. Sure it seems like there are a lot of programs out there to help with all kinds of things but the thing that most poor people know is that it's a gamble to see if any of them will actually help you. You can go in to a place  and tell them that you are in the exact situation that they say their program is for, they hand you tons of paperwork, you fill it out and then they tell you you do not qualify for their services. This comes after you've s … [Read more...]

Oh, Hillary…. #NotMyAbuela

I'm trying to write this post about Hillary Clinton and it's difficult because the freakin list is so stupid. "She cares about children everywhere"... uh, unless they are in the womb of a poor mother, then she's down to end their life, or the children killed by drones. She doesn't really care about  those children. The children she cares about are the ones who have parents who have money and can send them to private schools and college who will become "successful" as rated by people like Hillary … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood and Women’s Healthcare

Can we all stop pretending that Planned Parenthood is the end all, be all hero of Women's Healthcare? Please. Women are more than their baby making parts. And that is what "reproductive" means: babymaking. We are more complex than just trying to NOT have babies after doing the biological thing that makes babies. We are more than our STDs and we are more than our supposed "need" for abortion. We don't need any of it. I know it's not a popular thing to say, but nobody has ever died from not having … [Read more...]

Our Common Ground

Hateful insults fling from both sides of the abortion debate and fuels violence from both sides. I know that it's not proper to speak ill about your "side" of this issue, but I prefer honesty. Both sides talk about the importance of truth, so here's a little. It would be dishonest to say that there are no hateful comments coming out of the mouths and keyboards of pro-lifers. It's an easy trap to fall into. I've done it, it happens. It's hard for it not to when you realize that babies are being … [Read more...]