Happiness in a Depressing World

I kept reading people's opinions about the Stanford rape case to the point of having my nightmares come back. I have been in therapy for about three years now and haven't had many nightmares about what happened to me as a child and later in life for a very long time. Something about hearing people talk about what it's like to be a victim of sexual assault/abuse just brought those nightmares back.I laid in bed one night with tears streaming down my face and asked everyone on my friends list … [Read more...]

Walls, Fences and Human Dignity

I am a born and bred Texan Hispanic aka Tejano. My grandfather was born in San Saba county Texas in 1900 and his mother was a Native American Indian from that area who didn't ever cross the Rio Grande, yet at some point they were considered "Mexicans" because they spoke Spanish and lived in Hidalgo Co. The reason that my great-grandmother and her husband spoke Spanish was because he came from Spain and had migrated here from Spain through Louisiana, not Mexico. My grandfather was light skinned … [Read more...]

A Witness of Mercy

Mercy is central to my life. Without it, I would not be here. I have had mercy showered on me from the first time that I stepped foot in St. William Catholic Parish's RCIA program (Rite of Christian Imitation for Adults). The first time that the RCIA director, Noe Rocha, looked at me and said the words “God loves you more than you think he does”, I felt it. I felt the Love of God to the core of who I am. At that moment, I had no clue who I even was, but I somehow knew that God did and that He was … [Read more...]

Sheep, Goats, Mentoring and Ferguson

The things that I have seen written by Catholics on what is going down in Ferguson has blown my mind. Even worst is that some of it is coming from Catholics that I respect and love and look up to as voices of my faith. As I sat and listened to the Gospel on Sunday I thought about how hard it is to get people to live this Catholic faith. Starting with me, but the thing about me is that I am a radical. I have been hurt too many times in my life to be a part of any bullshit. I do not do it. If I … [Read more...]

Mike Brown, My Life and Peace

Like a lot of people I sat glued to my TV last night watching the news coverage in Ferguson MO waiting for the announcement and the aftermath of it. The death of Mike Brown is a tragedy, as is the death of anyone. The fact is that an 18-year-old is dead and a cop’s life changed forever over a pack of cigars. That is tragic. A mother is mourning the loss of her child. That is tragic. The racist comments, coming from both sides at this point, are tragic. The fact that it is 2014 and people still i … [Read more...]

Why I Cuss

I checked out a few links that were feeding into my blog today and I saw a theme: a warning about the fact that I cuss. While I am not offended at all by that warning, I do feel like maybe I need to explain why I find it ok to cuss on my blog posts.I think everyone should be warned because not everyone is down with the cuss words. I had a lady tell me that she feels physical pain when she hears/reads cuss words.  I have a Christian duty to respect others and give her the benefit of the doubt … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes about Grown Children, Being a Hermit, and Music

1.It's Halloween annnd I have nothing to do except get my 15-year-old son a mum for his homecoming date. Whhhuttt? I don't even know where the time went. Halloween has always been our favorite holiday and when my husband and I got together we made it a point to have his boys so that all 7 kids could go trick or treating together. Which meant 7 costumes and tons of candy. I don't know how it happened, but at some point they all started the Adams family Halloween auction. They would sit at the … [Read more...]

How To Love

It seems like some people think that I’m “ok” with my life in slutville. And that my last blog post was all about me,me,me. Yeah it kind of is, because all I know is my conversion. I can't speak to others conversions. I do not think that my life was "ok”, if I did there would be no need for repentance, confession or a Redeemer. It didn't feel good to feel unloved, longing for love, being heart-broken when the next guy used me and left me, anyone who thinks that needs a little heartbreak in their … [Read more...]

Like a Virgin

Have you seen the video of the singing nun doing a remake of Like a Virgin? No? Ok, well go watch it and then come back. I'll wait.....   Calah asked people for their opinions on it, so I had to blog about it to answer her.I get that a lot of people are going to think that is creepy and I would say that if you don't like it, then keep moving and don't ever listen to it again. Not everything is made to speak to each one of us. But for me, it spoke to me in a … [Read more...]

Pharisees and Spades

I woke up this morning to news of the mid-report from the Synod. Things just got crazy pretty fast from there. Elizabeth Scalia has two great posts up already and then Simcha Fisher wrote this:“The mid-term report described as an "earthquake"  is nothing of the kind. It’s a reassertion of the constant, consistent teaching of the Church, and even the constant, consistent teaching of God the Father toward His wayward people: Come to Me. Please, come to me. Yes, I want you to change, and I will … [Read more...]