Rejecting God

It's no secret to anyone who has been reading my blog these past ten months that my uncle's death has sent me into a crisis of faith. I am not really sure if "crisis" is the right word because it isn't like I am struggling to believe in God, His Goodness or that everything that happens in my life will help save me, even the suffering because God has to power to do that. I know all of these things. So what is my problem? I am not sure but I had a little bit of an aha moment about what my "crisis" … [Read more...]

Did I Die? Let Me Count The Ways

By now most of you must have heard the leaked tape where Donald Trump explains to Billy Bush that he often kisses women without permission and grabs them by their genitals as they both die with laughter at how funny that is.I was pretty upset about that tape, but not because I am a prude or even that I am shocked that men talk like that. When Billy Bush says "will you give him a hug" while holding back giggles, I remembered all the times that I was the girl who was the butt of jokes between … [Read more...]

Radical Trust in Jesus

There are some things that we as Catholics don't really talk about, two of these things are spiritual warfare and God asking us to do crazy things in faith. I've learned a few things about each of them so I thought I would share some of what I've learned and you can share with me what you have learned too!Spiritual warfare: The devil is real. He hates us and that hate is real. He will never stop trying to get us to lose sight of God so that we can end up in hell. He will use everything and … [Read more...]