Did I Die? Let Me Count The Ways

By now most of you must have heard the leaked tape where Donald Trump explains to Billy Bush that he often kisses women without permission and grabs them by their genitals as they both die with laughter at how funny that is.I was pretty upset about that tape, but not because I am a prude or even that I am shocked that men talk like that. When Billy Bush says "will you give him a hug" while holding back giggles, I remembered all the times that I was the girl who was the butt of jokes between … [Read more...]

Abortion, Religion and Politics

So I wrote this blog post the other day, some of you may have read it.... the combox has 105 comments in it as of now. That is a crazy combox. I have read some of the comments and if I am going to be truly honest, I am so honored to be defended by pro-choicers who understood that I am 1. not a loser and 2. still against abortion. If there is one thing that makes putting myself the target of public scrutiny it is seeing people who don't agree with me on a certain issue, like abortion, actually … [Read more...]

I am No Longer Pro-life

 I used to be really involved in the Pro-life movement; I even worked in a Crisis Pregnancy Center where I worked with an amazing pro-life doctor and one of the holiest women that I know. It was a great job and I loved every minute that I spent talking to women who were scared that they couldn’t mother the children growing in their wombs. I loved seeing all that fear melt away when they saw the baby on the monitor during their sonogram. I loved seeing them feel cared for by a good d … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood and Women’s Healthcare

Can we all stop pretending that Planned Parenthood is the end all, be all hero of Women's Healthcare? Please. Women are more than their baby making parts. And that is what "reproductive" means: babymaking. We are more complex than just trying to NOT have babies after doing the biological thing that makes babies. We are more than our STDs and we are more than our supposed "need" for abortion. We don't need any of it. I know it's not a popular thing to say, but nobody has ever died from not having … [Read more...]

Our Common Ground

Hateful insults fling from both sides of the abortion debate and fuels violence from both sides. I know that it's not proper to speak ill about your "side" of this issue, but I prefer honesty. Both sides talk about the importance of truth, so here's a little. It would be dishonest to say that there are no hateful comments coming out of the mouths and keyboards of pro-lifers. It's an easy trap to fall into. I've done it, it happens. It's hard for it not to when you realize that babies are being … [Read more...]

The Scandal of TV Shows

People losing their shit for a TV show portraying things that happen in real life is so ridiculous to me. First of all, if people knew anything about Shonda Rhimes' shows they would know that when a character on Grey's had her abortion, her marriage fell apart because of it. But a lot of people like to write blog after blog about shows they know nothing about and a writer they know nothing about. Abortion happens in real life, Planned Parenthood has support from people in real life. A person … [Read more...]

Taking a Break from Adulting

I am sitting in a coffee shop working on my first of three research papers. I have been on Facebook here and there for work, the radio show, but for the most part, I have not really commented or anything, which means that I haven't "talked" to anyone in almost 2 days. I have been researching my butt off, including with researching how to write research papers since I have never in my life written one. Ever. (please pray for me)So I needed a break. I also watched the 5th undercover video … [Read more...]

How do we face this Evil?

Honestly, the pictures of aborted fetuses haven't ever really made me cry or anything. They have always made me mad. I fought in the pro-life movement for a little bit and I saw a lot of things that just didn't seem right to me so I stepped aside and did other things, like work on myself.I watched the first two undercover videos and they did make me mad just like other pictures have. But this last video where an abortionist says "we have a baby" and talks about how some fetuses are more … [Read more...]

Birth Control is Not The Answer

I'm gonna say this: the reason people don't take pro-lifers seriously is because we don't take ourselves seriously. Any pro-lifer who says or thinks that birth control lowers abortion rates has not done their research and isn't 100% pro-life. The fact that pro-lifers refuse to say that to them is really mind blowing to me because if we believe that life begins at conception, then we are wrong to say it's ok to end that life by birth control. The reason birth control packets say they don't cause … [Read more...]