Grief part 27

Here's the thing that a lot of people do not get about losing people you love. Who you love has nothing to do with who someone else loves. For instance, you may think that losing an aunt is no big deal because you aunts are all crazy and you haven't talked to any of them in 13 years. I get that. I have 8 aunts that are my mother's sisters who I have not talked to in a decade and who are all insane. I have one uncle that I haven't seen in maybe twenty years. But my Tio Roy was like a father to … [Read more...]

The Anger that Looks Familar

I have a lot of opinions on politics which is not really surprising to anyone who knows me or reads my Facebook or Twitter updates, which is why this morning I couldn't pull myself away from my computer screen as the news of Trump's Chicago rally came rolling in. As I watched footage from the chaos, I recognized something.  My anger. It was like seeing that old friend from long ago who you went to jail with and decided you could no longer hang out with because they were a bad influence on your … [Read more...]

Matt Walsh: The Primer for Trump

When it comes to politics I have gone from right to left and back again. I’m Hispanic, a woman, I got pregnant at 16 and was on Food Stamps and Medicaid for all four of my pregnancies, but I am also Texan and was in my mid-twenties when 9/11 happened while I was pregnant with my fourth child. It was after 9/11 that I began to pay any attention to politics. I was sure that the Republican Party was the only party with the balls to bomb the hell out of anyone who wanted to try it again. I saw G … [Read more...]

Purgatory of Addiction

Gov. Chris Christie is in the news this morning talking about drug addiction. Here is a video of his six minute speech on the issue. I watched it first thing this morning and I sat in my water closet sobbing. It's the first time that I have ever seen a politician speak honestly about the monster of drug addiction in any way that spoke of authenticity. Someone who is in a position to actually do something about this plague.I have avoided discussing Lamar Odom after his drug overdose for many … [Read more...]

3,400 Miles Closer to God

I drove through 13 states for 3,400 miles which totaled 5 days on the road to see Pope Francis. I missed most of the speeches because I was on the road and I saw him for the whole 60 seconds that he passed by me. I didn’t even mention the 20 miles that we walked or the hours of standing on our feet or the fact that the last hotel charged my card twice and sucked out all the last of our gas money. I rolled up into my driveway sore, tired and with feet full of blisters. I may or may not be a bit i … [Read more...]

The Kingdom of God

I am very lucky to have one of the best evangelists in the world be my RCIA director. If you think that I'm kidding, you can go check out his videos and see for yourself (they are the links on the left beginning with God's Love) , the man is the real deal. Noe is not just an employee of the Church, but he is a living testament to what a life lived for the love of Jesus looks like. Anytime that I think of walking away from this Church, I don't because I know that Jesus is real because I e … [Read more...]

On the Bad Days

I am having a very bad day. I am having a bad week. I have had a few bad years. Today is one of those days when I doubt everything that I believe and hate what I do know. A lot of people hide these kind of bad days because there seems to be this idea that if you are Catholic and do all the right things, you won't have these kinds of days. That every Sunday you will wake up and go to Mass with a smile on your face and know that God loves you. Maybe that is how some people's lives go, but mine has … [Read more...]

Obsessed with Comfort

I woke up this morning to the story of a man who shot and killed two people on live TV and then uploaded the killing to YouTube. I think that the saddest part about hearing that story first thing thing this morning is that it didn't shock me. I am no longer shocked at the things happening in this world or this country or my town or even my house.  The moment that I saw satanists say they don't believe in satan as a deity but rather as the spirit of human nature and freedom, I just stopped being … [Read more...]

The Day a Dead Priest Showed Up

I woke up this morning at a complete loss. I felt as if I was being abandoned by the man that I love more than myself. I was so tempted to yell and scream and cry and beg just like I have done all the other times in my life when I felt the fear of abandonment creep up on me with other men, including this same man. My love story can be a double edged sword because there is a lot of beauty in the fact that I've loved my husband since the 7th grade,  but there is also a lot of pain. He broke up w … [Read more...]

Taking a Break from Adulting

I am sitting in a coffee shop working on my first of three research papers. I have been on Facebook here and there for work, the radio show, but for the most part, I have not really commented or anything, which means that I haven't "talked" to anyone in almost 2 days. I have been researching my butt off, including with researching how to write research papers since I have never in my life written one. Ever. (please pray for me)So I needed a break. I also watched the 5th undercover video … [Read more...]