The Dark Night of Life

I know that everyone is ready to lay around in despair over the election results tomorrow, so I should try to write something upbeat and positive. Unfortunately, that just isn't how my life works. Upbeat and positive are two things that my life rarely is. I was abandoned by my father before I was born so I was raised by a single mother who worked all the time, I was sexually abused as a small child and I am an only child so I spent most of my childhood alone. I wasn't exactly set up for a life … [Read more...]

The Root of It All

When I was younger I went to a Baptist Church. I really did come to know the truth about God and salvation there, but I never felt like I fit in or like I was doing the Christian thing right. I was 11 years old quoting Scripture like a street evangelist. I would carry my bible around with me telling people about the fires of hell waiting for those who didn't give their lives to Jesus. Other kids were collecting baseball cards and I was collecting chick tracts.I am not sure what triggered it, … [Read more...]

Reason #2353434 That I love Being Catholic: Snow Mass

Yesterday thousands of pro-lifers from all walks of life and different backgrounds and religions ( and some with no religion) came together to March for Life in Washington DC. Unlike most years though, this year had a serious plot twist: a huge snow storm was heading right for it. I really thought that it was a bad idea for the March to go on with the weather situation, but as I saw picture after picture come through my Facebook Newsfeed and Twitter Timeline, I was so proud of these people for … [Read more...]

Hey Loud and Fast Mass Response Person

I think that we all know about the person who sits behind you in Mass who has to say every response louder than everyone else and about a half second faster. Yeah, are you this person? Then let me ask you, what’s up with that?For five years I have been going to Mass and there is always one of you behind me at Mass. No matter where I go! Even in Rome. Do ya’ll have a club? Is there something that I don’t know? Like if you say the responses loud and fast that Jesus will give you a gold star? If … [Read more...]

UPDATE on Mission "Go see My Papa!"

Yesterday I wrote about why I really want to go see Pope Francis and I asked for prayers. Here's the list  with updates.For my light bill and food for my kids to be taken care of.   (Done, the light bill is getting taken care of by a great and wonderful friend who really has helped me a million times in the last few years and 3 out of four kids is going with me!) A rental car and gas to get to Philly. (I have enough for a rental car so I just need gas money!)Money for 1 &2. (I ha … [Read more...]

Obsessed with Comfort

I woke up this morning to the story of a man who shot and killed two people on live TV and then uploaded the killing to YouTube. I think that the saddest part about hearing that story first thing thing this morning is that it didn't shock me. I am no longer shocked at the things happening in this world or this country or my town or even my house.  The moment that I saw satanists say they don't believe in satan as a deity but rather as the spirit of human nature and freedom, I just stopped being … [Read more...]

Jesus isn't a Fairy Godmother

I have had a rough week. Truth be told, I have had a rough life. As long as I can remember, I have looked at other people and wondered why it is that I can't be as happy as they are. I don't really know at what age it began, but I know that I can't think of one memory where I didn't feel like I got the short end of the stick in my life. When I was 3 I knew that my grandfather and grandmother loved one of my cousins more than me. I honest to God knew that in my heart at that age. That somehow I … [Read more...]

My Last Resort

Yesterday's Gospel reading for Mass included a story of a woman who has suffered from hemorrhaging for twelve years. She was supposed to be isolated from everyone and yet she had the courage to seek out Jesus and touch His clothes so that she could be healed. She had enough faith to know that she just had to touch His garments and He could heal her and she also had the stubbornness of faith to get past everyone else in the crowd who were probably telling her she had no business there. Unlike all … [Read more...]

PSA : Nagging Never Works to Change Anyone

I was talking to my best friend today about some things and I realized that so many people have such a crazy idea about marriage and relationships; me included. My husband and I are going through some things, and while it’s not my place to publicly talk about the specifics, I can talk about what I am learning by the Grace of God, my therapist, Alanon (there is no love addiction 12 step program close to me) and spiritual direction. As well as a great text conversation with my best friend who is t … [Read more...]

By the Grace of God We Carry Our Cross

I was talking to a good priest once who said people will do anything to not suffer. When they come to him with their troubles and he tells them to frequent Mass and the sacraments they are not satisfied with that advice. But if he told them a list of things to do like magic or superstition they would do it: no questions asked. (not that he would do that, it was an observation from hearing of people going to palm readers and psychics. Just think of how many people blindly follow their horoscope … [Read more...]