The Tomb of Grief

Last week I wrote about what happened the day that my son Anthony died by committing suicide, it had been five very fast but extremely heavy weeks. Today it’s six weeks and a day after the one year anniversary of my uncle’s death. To sum up how this last year has been let me tell you a story: the neighbor told me yesterday that the cat my dead uncle gave to my now dead kid was found dead months ago by the mailboxes. That is a lot of death in one sentence, if it’s hard to read, just try living in … [Read more...]

Thank you Bishop Joe Vasquez

I was a brand new Catholic when Bishop Joe Vasquez was appointed to my Diocese. I didn't know anything about him. Was he going to be a good shepherd? Would he be able to stand against the issues facing our community with love and compassion but without fear of speaking the truth? I didn't know. But someone I trust did know. My RCIA director, Noe, knew Bishop Joe Vasquez from his days as a parish priest in San Angelo. Having Noe Rocha's approval meant a lot to me because I know for a fact that … [Read more...]

When Did I Lose Myself?

I watched my three year old granddaughter today. She ran around in the living room with no care in the world. She played with the dogs, watched Netflix, ate cereal and made me laugh. She is full of personality at this age and she is beautiful. I don't just say this because she is my grandchild and the spitting image of me, but because she can hypnotize me with her smile. She has a perfect complexion,  perfect hair and her head is so big but it fits on her tiny little body anyway. And then, … [Read more...]

Life: the Gift that Bites You in the Ass

You know how I said that I used to think I knew everything about parenting? Well, this is something that I've been thinking about a lot lately because I see people online all the time talking about how shitty other parents are. Whether it be about vaccines (oh lawd I said that word on my blog, I'm sure there will be a party of crazy in my combox later), food choices, parenting styles, spanking, or any other of the million things that we think we have to have an opinion about, there is always … [Read more...]

I need to Know how to Love Jackwagons

I had great plans on how exactly Friday morning was going to go down. Pope Francis was dropping an exhortation and I was going to be one of the first people to read it (well, one of the first among us bloggers who don't get to read it before it is open to the public) and it was going to be great. I love papal documents.  I was so excited, like a kid on Christmas morning. I have a whole system in place and I can't sleep the night before, it's awesome.Then my uncle got sick and was put in ICU … [Read more...]

Book Review: Writing my Wrongs by Shaka Senghor

In the pages of Shaka Senghor’s memoir, Writing my Wrongs, I found one theme: the dignity of the human person. That is the theme to everything when you look at Catholic Social Teaching. Easter Season is the perfect time to be reminded of that.Shaka writes about his childhood and his mother’s spankings along with the divorce of his parents and how that impacted his life. At 14 he began selling drugs after running away from home and at 17 was shot. At 19 he shot and killed a man which led h … [Read more...]

Dear Pope Francis, Not Just a Book for Kids

I was excited to check out this Dear Pope Francis by Pope Francis for my grandchildren. My youngest child is 14 so I wasn't really sure if I would like a Catholic children's book, but I love Pope Francis so I figured it would be good to have around for my grand kids.What I found was a great book for myself. I grew up without a father to ask questions to. I would spend a lot of time alone daydreaming about having one and what we would talk about. I am sure that wanting a father so bad was one … [Read more...]

Living the Texas Dream

There has been so much talk lately about the death of the American dream or even if the American dream is a good thing or not. I have to admit that election years bring out the worst in me for sure. I feel panic and helpless. I have lived in poverty most of my life which makes it very real to me when people talk about "the poor". I have been part of the "the poor" and just a few wrong moves or a little bad luck can put me and my family right back there so fast. Part of me would be relieved. It … [Read more...]

Inspired to Keep Trying

 The Real O’Neals is a show on ABC about an Irish Catholic family that is kind of a mess. I have read all over Catholic social media about how this show mocks the Catholic faith and how it’s offensive. I watched the pilot episode and wasn’t offended but I thought maybe I had missed something so I watched both episodes this past week. I’m still not offended.First, I don’t understand the idea of being offended by a show if you don’t watch it. That makes zero sense to me. I get watc … [Read more...]

Oh, Hillary…. #NotMyAbuela

I'm trying to write this post about Hillary Clinton and it's difficult because the freakin list is so stupid. "She cares about children everywhere"... uh, unless they are in the womb of a poor mother, then she's down to end their life, or the children killed by drones. She doesn't really care about  those children. The children she cares about are the ones who have parents who have money and can send them to private schools and college who will become "successful" as rated by people like Hillary … [Read more...]