Thank you Bishop Joe Vasquez

I was a brand new Catholic when Bishop Joe Vasquez was appointed to my Diocese. I didn't know anything about him. Was he going to be a good shepherd? Would he be able to stand against the issues facing our community with love and compassion but without fear of speaking the truth? I didn't know. But someone I trust did know. My RCIA director, Noe, knew Bishop Joe Vasquez from his days as a parish priest in San Angelo. Having Noe Rocha's approval meant a lot to me because I know for a fact that … [Read more...]

Trump Tapped What Was Already There

There is a hidden issue in the debateĀ about illegal immigration. A lot of good people are either unaware of it or ignore, but it is real. There is a really thread of racism against Latinos/Mexicans/Hispanics when it comes up. As long as I can remember, I have been able to see it. I am a Hispanic who has lived in Texas my entire life, I have seen it in my family and been the target of it.Now Drumpf is leading in polls and winning primaries based on his views about illegal immigrants and his … [Read more...]

Walls, Fences and Human Dignity

I am a born and bred Texan Hispanic aka Tejano. My grandfather was born in San Saba county Texas in 1900 and his mother was a Native American Indian from that area who didn't ever cross the Rio Grande, yet at some point they were considered "Mexicans" because they spoke Spanish and lived in Hidalgo Co. The reason that my great-grandmother and her husband spoke Spanish was because he came from Spain and had migrated here from Spain through Louisiana, not Mexico. My grandfather was light skinned … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes Friday: Life, Tears, Laughter, Being Courageous

1.It has been one hell of a week. I have had this pressing dull headache that gets worse at times throughout the day, like when I have to actually do something important, and it's made me go through the week in a haze. Not just that, but there are so many things going on in our life that it would take seventy times seven quick takes to get them all written out. Plus, this isn't a bitch and complain Quick Takes. Just please if you can, in your charity, please pray that somehow a bottle of wine … [Read more...]