Book Review: Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! Every year I get a stack of books ready for Lent. Mostly I get books that will help me to remember that it is Lent and that the point of Lent is to shut out the outside world as much as possible to nourish my relationship with God. For me, God is mostly silent the whole time and my life goes up in flames. My life is crazy anyway so I am kind of used to it but Lent really brings out the extra special crazy. For example, for the last four years we get lice on the Monday … [Read more...]

Lent 2016, When I tried to Give God the Silent Treatment

I have not been to Mass this entire Lent. Part of me thought that this was my idea. I should know better by now that God is always behind everything that happens in my life. He didn't find me in the midst of sin and misery to just let me go back to it because I am being a baby throwing a fit about how hard following Him is.My car's motor busted a few days before Ash Wednesday and I decided that life is too hard when trying to be Catholic. I look around and see the lives of people who don't … [Read more...]

7 QT’s The 40th Friday of Lent

1. I haven't really ever considered how different writing for Patheos is from just writing on my own little unknown blog. People who read my writing when I first started blogging knew what my posts were going to be like since my blog's name was Ramblings of a Crazy Face. I changed that name when I came over to Patheos and I guess that means that now people expect me to make "cogent arguments". Well, I hate to break it to ya'll, but I am still rambling like a crazy face because that is how I … [Read more...]

Fat Tuesday and Preparing for Lent

Tomorrow is Ask Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. I don't know if you have heard or not, but I suck at Lent. I mean, really suck at it. I am just keepin' it real here, I feel like my entire past 3 years has been one long Lent so at this point it would be much more of a sacrifice to have 40 days of not having a crisis pop up.I have my reading materials ready. A few really good books that I am reviewing for the blog and then Ralph Martin's Fulfillment of All Desire, which I always try to read … [Read more...]

Fat Tuesday with Jesus at a Coffee Shop

About two weeks ago my husband started calling me Sassy Cat. We saw a sign that said "Cow Dog and Sassy Cat" for a pet grooming business and for some reason it made us laugh harder than we have laughed in a very long time and the nicknames stuck. I changed my Facebook picture to a picture of a cat with an afro and started saying things like "Sassy Cat out" when I was done talking to people. It was weird to anyone who wasn't my husband, but that really isn't a new experience. Ever since the day … [Read more...]

Closing My Combox

I really have debated on whether or not to blog through Lent. I really need silence and that is why I have gotten off all Social Media, including Instagram. It's also why I have quit doing any pro-life work, other than helping people who contact me personally. I never shut up.That means that I am always talking to someone about something. But one thing that I've realized lately is that all that talking keeps me from listening to God. Also, it has me in the middle of things that are none of … [Read more...]

And this Year's Theme for Lent is….

I was thinking and thinking about what to give up for Lent. I've heard the rumors that it's coming up, but I keep sticking my fingers in my ear and pretend I am not hearing it. Too bad that I'm addicted to the frackin' internet so I read these rumors. It would be much easier to avoid them if I cut off my WiFi. Before you get all "Well, there you go, that's what ¬†you can give up for Lent", let me just say that I will DIE without the internet. My dog refuses to talk about theological issues with … [Read more...]

And the Theme for Lent 2013 is……

This Lent has been crazy. It started off crazy and it has continued on that same path of craziness. But unlike most years, this Lent is easy. I mean, not EASY, but not full of nightmares and meltdowns like every other year during Lent since I was confirmed. I'm learning some pretty valuable lessons. Like giving up cussing AND drinking in the same year, is not for wimps!Speaking of Lenten Lessons (ha! That sounds like a good name for a book.) A few weeks ago I was in a Facebook, ummmm, girl … [Read more...]