Book Review: Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! Every year I get a stack of books ready for Lent. Mostly I get books that will help me to remember that it is Lent and that the point of Lent is to shut out the outside world as much as possible to nourish my relationship with God. For me, God is mostly silent the whole time and my life goes up in flames. My life is crazy anyway so I am kind of used to it but Lent really brings out the extra special crazy. For example, for the last four years we get lice on the Monday … [Read more...]

Ronda Rousey, Spiritual Attack, Mother Teresa and The Risk of Protest

 I have had this book, Daring Greatly by  Brené Brown on my nightstand for months now. It sits along with How to Be Holy by Dr. Peter Kreeft. I haven't read the Brene Brown book. I felt like I wasn't ready for it because I have a lot of fear in my soul right now. That fear created this huge ball of anger in me that made me not give a shit about being holy anymore. Which is why I haven't read Dr. Kreeft's book. Not that I don't think I need to be holy, but just that I don't feel like I am … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes about dreams that come true, dreams that are barely being dreamed and pest control.

1.So, last week I wrote about how I wanted to start The Red Door Foundation. Well, I kinda did it. I filed the DBA with the State of Texas and got and EIN from the IRS so we are legit and real. We are not a 501c3 yet, but until we raise 5 grand in donations we don’t have to pay taxes. We can’t however give anyone a letter for their donation to be tax-free. I am praying that people will give anyway for now until we can file all the paperwork to get our 501c3 status. Please pray that the process … [Read more...]

And that's a Wrap

I have never finished anything in my life. It's kind of my thing, which is why when I tell my husband I want to sell our house and move to the ghetto so I can start a foundation to help gang members, he kind of just goes with it. The chances of me forgetting it in a few days is completely possible.BUT I'm trying to change that. I finished RCIA and now I finished this 7 posts in 7 days challenge. YIPEEEEE! Those are probable the only two things that I've ever finished without the order of a … [Read more...]

Getting Out of The Way

I went to confession this evening finally and it was AWESOME!For the first time in a long time, I examined my conscience. I started thinking about my sins on the drive to my parish, which I don't recommend because I almost got in a wreck, and when I got there I used the notes app on my phone to start writing them up. I wanted to confess them all and get them out. After I finished, Father had some words of wisdom for me that were really good, they always are, and he gave me my penance. Then … [Read more...]