A few weeks ago I went deer hunting for the first time in my entire life. I grew up in the country, in a town that is full of city folk visiting deer leases every fall to try and shoot themselves a trophy buck to mount on their wall. I hated it when I was a kid thanks to the movie Bambi. I also hated it because one year I ran out the front door of my uncle's house to see three deer hung upside down with their insides hanging out. I yelled at everyone that they killed Santa's reindeer! That is … [Read more...]

Being mad at God

The past few weeks have really sucked. The past few months have really sucked to be honest but on October 26th my husband and I were at Saltgrass Steakhouse having a great meal with awesome red wine to finish celebrating his birthday. We had finally come back together as a couple after fighting to the death for the last 6 months. For the first time since Lent of this year I loved my husband the way I loved him the day we got married. We had just gone to Mass with our kids and grand baby and … [Read more...]

How Long Will They Mourn Me

For the last five years Cinco de Mayo has been one of the hardest days of my life. I have always acknowledged that in some way or another when this day comes up. And it comes every year. But one thing that I have never done is written about why Homer was such a great friend to me. I’ve cried and I’ve missed him, I’ve talked about how his funeral was the first time that I had gone to Mass in years and how his death led me to Austin which ended with us in Round Rock and me in RCIA. The rest of that … [Read more...]