The Election, Failure and Where to Go From Here

It has been a crazy 48 hours since the election results came in and Donald Trump was announced as our president-elect. I did not see this coming. I voted for Hillary Clinton, not because I wanted her to win but because I was sure she was better for the job and was going to win anyway. I considered it the best way to stand against what Trump stood for. I was prepared to fight against what she would come with. I was not prepared for him to win.Since then I have failed. I have failed as a … [Read more...]

Taste & See: Help with the Pollution of Noise

When I first got the review copy for Taste & See by Ginny Kubitz Moyer for the Patheos book club , I wasn’t really too sure what to think about it. But as I read the introduction it became pretty clear that this is a book that I need in my life right now.“God speaks to me not in mystical, abstract ways but through the stuff of daily life.” , Ginny writes in the introduction. God talks to me in the same way, mostly in the hard parts of life when I feel like I can’t keep going, He shows up … [Read more...]

My Peace

In the last couple of years my life has been chaos. I blamed God for a lot of it because when you don't really wanna take a long hard look at yourself, blaming God is the way to go and He is always merciful and takes it. Just like Jesus took it when the soldiers mocked Him and spat on Him. When He stood before Pilot He said "you have no power over me that has not been granted to you from above", which is still true today. Blaming God, being mad at Christ and closing my ears to the Holy Spirit … [Read more...]

Mike Brown, My Life and Peace

Like a lot of people I sat glued to my TV last night watching the news coverage in Ferguson MO waiting for the announcement and the aftermath of it. The death of Mike Brown is a tragedy, as is the death of anyone. The fact is that an 18-year-old is dead and a cop’s life changed forever over a pack of cigars. That is tragic. A mother is mourning the loss of her child. That is tragic. The racist comments, coming from both sides at this point, are tragic. The fact that it is 2014 and people still i … [Read more...]

And that's a Wrap

I have never finished anything in my life. It's kind of my thing, which is why when I tell my husband I want to sell our house and move to the ghetto so I can start a foundation to help gang members, he kind of just goes with it. The chances of me forgetting it in a few days is completely possible.BUT I'm trying to change that. I finished RCIA and now I finished this 7 posts in 7 days challenge. YIPEEEEE! Those are probable the only two things that I've ever finished without the order of a … [Read more...]

And the Theme for Lent 2013 is……

This Lent has been crazy. It started off crazy and it has continued on that same path of craziness. But unlike most years, this Lent is easy. I mean, not EASY, but not full of nightmares and meltdowns like every other year during Lent since I was confirmed. I'm learning some pretty valuable lessons. Like giving up cussing AND drinking in the same year, is not for wimps!Speaking of Lenten Lessons (ha! That sounds like a good name for a book.) A few weeks ago I was in a Facebook, ummmm, girl … [Read more...]