Thank you Bishop Joe Vasquez

I was a brand new Catholic when Bishop Joe Vasquez was appointed to my Diocese. I didn't know anything about him. Was he going to be a good shepherd? Would he be able to stand against the issues facing our community with love and compassion but without fear of speaking the truth? I didn't know. But someone I trust did know. My RCIA director, Noe, knew Bishop Joe Vasquez from his days as a parish priest in San Angelo. Having Noe Rocha's approval meant a lot to me because I know for a fact that … [Read more...]

The Election, Failure and Where to Go From Here

It has been a crazy 48 hours since the election results came in and Donald Trump was announced as our president-elect. I did not see this coming. I voted for Hillary Clinton, not because I wanted her to win but because I was sure she was better for the job and was going to win anyway. I considered it the best way to stand against what Trump stood for. I was prepared to fight against what she would come with. I was not prepared for him to win.Since then I have failed. I have failed as a … [Read more...]

Lawd, This Election

I am not exactly sure how the GOP managed to nominate the one person in the entire country who makes Hillary Clinton look good, but they did. I've been watching Trump go after the father of a fallen soldier in shock. While Hillary is a bit dismissive of the mother of the man killed in Benghazi, her dismissiveness seems empathetic compared to Trump's blatant insults to the parents who lost their son in combat about their character and insulting their faith (remember when Trump was whining about … [Read more...]

Abortion, Religion and Politics

So I wrote this blog post the other day, some of you may have read it.... the combox has 105 comments in it as of now. That is a crazy combox. I have read some of the comments and if I am going to be truly honest, I am so honored to be defended by pro-choicers who understood that I am 1. not a loser and 2. still against abortion. If there is one thing that makes putting myself the target of public scrutiny it is seeing people who don't agree with me on a certain issue, like abortion, actually … [Read more...]

Fear, Discussion and Reality

Yesterday I wrote a post about the bathroom hoopla. It was shared by my fellow Patheos writers Melinda and Rebecca on Facebook and both of those shares created really great discussions. Other threads weren't so fruitful and I looked at my combox briefly and ran away. I just buried my uncle, I am not ready for the online flame wars.On Patheos there are a lot of differing kinds of Catholics who are all obedient to the teachings of the Catholic Church but have their own personal experience and … [Read more...]

Bathrooms and Pedophiles

 I don't care who can use what bathroom, if you let your child go into a bathroom alone, you're an idiot. I don't let my 14 year old daughter go into a public restroom alone. There is a reason why women go to the bathroom in groups, because that's the safest thing to do.I was raped as a child by a mechanic, pedophiles come from all walks of life, trans people taking a leak are the least of my worries.Women also abuse children sexually and men in men's restrooms have killed … [Read more...]

The Anger that Looks Familar

I have a lot of opinions on politics which is not really surprising to anyone who knows me or reads my Facebook or Twitter updates, which is why this morning I couldn't pull myself away from my computer screen as the news of Trump's Chicago rally came rolling in. As I watched footage from the chaos, I recognized something.  My anger. It was like seeing that old friend from long ago who you went to jail with and decided you could no longer hang out with because they were a bad influence on your … [Read more...]

Trump Tapped What Was Already There

There is a hidden issue in the debate about illegal immigration. A lot of good people are either unaware of it or ignore, but it is real. There is a really thread of racism against Latinos/Mexicans/Hispanics when it comes up. As long as I can remember, I have been able to see it. I am a Hispanic who has lived in Texas my entire life, I have seen it in my family and been the target of it.Now Drumpf is leading in polls and winning primaries based on his views about illegal immigrants and his … [Read more...]

Matt Walsh: The Primer for Trump

When it comes to politics I have gone from right to left and back again. I’m Hispanic, a woman, I got pregnant at 16 and was on Food Stamps and Medicaid for all four of my pregnancies, but I am also Texan and was in my mid-twenties when 9/11 happened while I was pregnant with my fourth child. It was after 9/11 that I began to pay any attention to politics. I was sure that the Republican Party was the only party with the balls to bomb the hell out of anyone who wanted to try it again. I saw G … [Read more...]