I am Pro-Life, I voted for Hillary

My original plan for today was to drink and wait for Jesus. I was not going to vote. That quickly became my life plan and my election day plan was to go to adoration and wait for God to send me an angel if He wanted me to vote for either of these two crazy people and if He didn't then I was going to write in a third party guy. After that I was going to go buy a bottle and start drinking. I wasn't wrestling with that decision but I wasn't happy about it. This is America, we celebrate the right to … [Read more...]

Voting For Trump, Something I can’t Respect

For years I have been told that voting for the lesser evil is the way to go in elections. I can't even count how many times that I have been on the receiving end of that lecture. Now suddenly people are saying they will vote for Trump because apparently when everyone said "the lesser evil" they meant Republicans.That's not how my brain works. I am not a Republican, in fact most years I can't stand any single Republican candidate. This year was an exception because I love Rubio. I have issues … [Read more...]