Sacred Rocks in Shinto

JAPAN TIMES: "You've probably heard Mount Fuji referred to as a sacred mountain. This is because it is believed that the kami descend and reside there. The kami tend to occupy places among concentrations of nature such as mountains, rocks, waterfalls and forests." … [Read more...]

Stars of Polygamy Reality Show to Challenge Utah Law

CNN: "Kody Brown and his four wives - the stars of the reality TV show "Sister Wives" - will soon be the subjects of another real-life drama, this one at the federal court in Salt Lake City, Utah." … [Read more...]

New Fables for Heathen Children

MARK LUDWIG STINSON, owner of the popular Polytheism page on Facebook, is compiling nature fables for Heathen children. … [Read more...]

Statue of Liberty Demonic Idol?

RIGHT WING WATCH: "Benefiel claims that the Statue of Liberty is in fact a “demonic idol” because it represents a “false goddess.” … [Read more...]

Do Paganism and Wicca Have Rules?

PATTI WIGINGTON: "Some people believe in the Threefold Law, and others don't. Others say that the Wiccan Rede is only for Wiccans but not other Pagans. Plus, sometimes you say that one tradition does things one way but that other traditions don't have to do things the same way. What's going on here? Are there rules in Wicca or not?" … [Read more...]

Icelanders Soothe Angered Elves With Song

ICENEWS: "It is hoped that elves and hidden people around the north-western Icelandic town of Bolungarvik will start to calm down again following their recent dangerous pranks and humans’ subsequent efforts to appease them." … [Read more...]

What are your core beliefs?

illiezeulette wants to know what your core beliefs are as a Pagan... … [Read more...]

Yet Another “Occult Expert” Gets It Wrong

IGNORANT STORY OF THE WEEK: "The Sheriff's office doesn't believe the incidents are linked, but they do believe it's the work of someone who dabbles in voodoo or witchcraft, someone calling on dark, supernatural powers to hurt an individual." … [Read more...]

Spotlight on GLBTQI Folk Embracing Paganism

Press Republican reports GLBTQI folks are embracing Paganism: "'You're raised to believe in a higher power, and you found out later on that a higher power doesn't believe in you,' Otts said" … [Read more...]

Push in Australia to have Pagan reclassified as umbrella term

"Mr Hepworth hopes the weight of people nominating ''pagan'' as their primary faith, followed by their variant after a dash, will prompt it to be reclassified as an umbrella term by the Australian Bureau of Statistics - the first step in consolidating pagan numbers and gaining wider recognition as a legitimate religious choice." … [Read more...]