Why aren’t we up in arms about a movie that makes Pagans into murderous monsters?

THE JUGGLER: "I love the badness that is The Wicker Man. And you know what – it seems that most Pagans love it. Many years ago for PanGaia Magazine I was part of the team that put together the Pagan Bookshelf Series.  When we were discussing the best Pagan movies The Wicker Man came up both as “the best of the best” and a movie we love to hate." … [Read more...]

NYCPD Attempts to Disperse Stonewall Pride Demonstration

"I guess the police wished to make a show of their authority; at any rate, the police pushed themselves into the (Sacred) center of the Circle- they ordered the crowd to disperse. So (this is so Radical Faerie)- the Faeries broke into a Spiral Dance, running in long, drag-attired lines as they weaved themselves in and out and around the policemen." … [Read more...]