Intimate Photographs of Vodou (NSFW)

LIFE (NSFW): Of Vodou's unique appeal and power Karen tells LIFE: "It's raw, and it's primitive. The harmonious singing and rhythmic beats of the drums can be hypnotic to an open mind. I'm not like a lot of photographers, who take pictures without so much as talking to the people they document. I've shared in plates of communal offerings, danced with the priests [Hougans] and the priestesses (Mambos), and I've downed my fair share of special religious elixirs with them. I won't even get … [Read more...]

Yet Another “Occult Expert” Gets It Wrong

IGNORANT STORY OF THE WEEK: "The Sheriff's office doesn't believe the incidents are linked, but they do believe it's the work of someone who dabbles in voodoo or witchcraft, someone calling on dark, supernatural powers to hurt an individual." … [Read more...]