Home Viewing: Chronicle

A fresh and insightful take on the superhero idea, CHRONICLE is not only excellent, but a lot of fun. [Read more...]

Home Viewing: The Grey

A tense, suspenseful walk through wolf-infested Alaska, THE GREY doubles as a philosophical metaphor for life and death. [Read more...]

Home Viewing: Haywire

With real Gladiator punches and mixed marital arts kicks, HAYWIRE is a heavy-duty action movie. [Read more...]

Home Viewing: Joyful Noise

With some good gospel music and friendly to faith attitude, Joyful Noise is refreshing, even if it won’t win any Oscars. [Read more...]

Home Viewing: New Years Eve

New Years Eve is so bad it might just take a year off your life. [Read more...]

Home Viewing: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Fast action that will make your palms sweat and witty cracks more than make up for any depth this film lacks. Depth? Who needs it. [Read more...]

Home Viewing: The Iron Lady

Still an excellent and rousing film despite the fact it focuses on the sorrows of aging at the cost of Thatcher’s story. [Read more...]

Home Viewing: We Bought a Zoo

This is a family film in the sense of a movie you watch together which everyone will love, from grandma to the little kids, not in the sense of a wisecracking animation you put on to keep the kids quiet for a while. [Read more...]

Home Viewing: War Horse

Too long and too horsey, this movie will please only the most equine among us. [Read more...]

Home Viewing: In The Land of Blood and Honey

Angelina Jolie’s directional debut is darkly ambitious and occasionally uneven, but shows promise. [Read more...]