Fury (dir. David Ayer, USA/UK, 2014)

Writer/director David Ayer’s tight narrative, psychological nuance, and near-tactile evocation of war’s squalor sets a high standard for the WW2 films yet to come before year’s end. [Read more...]

Black-Ish Recap: Crazy Mom vs Harriet Tubman (Episode 4)

Something has gone horribly, horribly wrong when a black man fights Harriet Tubman. [Read more...]

Black-ish Recap: ‘The Nod’

In the third episode of Black-ish, Andre looks for black friends for his son. It doesn’t end well. [Read more...]

Kill the Messenger (dir. Michael Cuesta, USA, 2014)

Jeremy Renner excels in this worthwhile if flawed account of journalist Gary Webb’s efforts to expose CIA misdeeds in Central America and the War on Drugs. Which matters more: ideology or people? [Read more...]

Review: Nothing is Missing in ‘Gone Girl’

Finally! A flick that lives up to the hype. [Read more...]

Black-ish Recap: ‘The Talk,’ Sex, and Hair

Trying to talk to teens? That’s some cray cray stuff, bro. [Read more...]

Why ‘Blackish’ Matters

The show raises lots of questions. Like is it ok to say “black” now? Was there a memo? [Read more...]

Watch New Video: Just Released Exodus: Gods and Kings Trailer

We’ve been keeping a careful eye on this Biblical epic. And now there’s a new trailer. [Read more...]

A Classic Revisited: Red Beard (dir. Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1965)

Red Beard, a medical drama set in 19th Century Japan, showcases director Akira Kurosawa’s flair for great storytelling, inspiring humanism, and visual brilliance. [Read more...]

Love Is Strange (dir. Ira Sachs, USA/France, 2014)

Inspired by the style and stories of master director Yasujiro Ozu, Ira Sachs crafts an excellent drama, making universal the particulars of one family’s challenges and changes. [Read more...]