Scroogewatch: But Of Course the Bad Guy is the Businessman (Big Hero 6 Edition)

Within a few scenes of Big Hero 6, the lines are drawn. Innovation, as evidenced by smart, wide-eyed kids in a university lab, is amazing and wonderful. But once a business gets involved, everything turns sour. [Read more…]

“Birdman” Is One Strange Creature

Quite possibly the oddest movie I’ve seen this year, “Birdman” paints a kinetic, funny, yet too smug picture of a has-been actor losing his grip on reality. [Read more…]

An Alternate View: “Interstellar” Flies High, Even If It Doesn’t Quite Reach the Stars

While full of the grand special effects we now expect from Christopher Nolan, “Interstellar” is also a pleasing if overlong reflection upon the enduring bond between parent and child. [Read more…]

Review: ‘Interstellar’ and The Meaning of Life, The Universe, And Everything

If humanistic pop science is a religion, then Christopher Nolan is its high priest and Interstellar its rapture story. [Read more…]

Review: Cozy Familiarity in ‘Big Hero 6’

Is there anything new in Disney’s latest? Yes and no. [Read more…]

“1000 Times Good Night” Deserves Your Attention for an Evening

One of the year’s best films, this story of a war photographer split by demands of vocation and family challenged my mind and broke my heart, both as a world citizen and a parent. [Read more…]

A Brief Digression: “God’s Not Dead” and the Teflon Psyche of its Creators

An interview with the writers behind “God’s Not Dead” and the upcoming “Do You Believe?” gives a troubling glimpse into their self-serving mindset. [Read more…]

“The Blue Room”: A Gallic “Gone Girl”

As a suspenseful story of marital and extramarital intrigue, this French film parallels and ultimately surpasses “Gone Girl.” [Read more…]

For Laughs and Inspiration, Take “Pride”

British miners and gay-rights activists find friendship and common cause in this very funny, inspiring crowd-pleaser. [Read more…]

Wadjda: A Girl’s Life, Saudi Style

This first-ever feature film by a female Saudi director charmingly, persuasively calls for women’s equality in the Islamic world. [Read more…]