Inside ‘GodlyWood:’ A Day on the Set of a ‘Christian’ Movie

On set on a movie made by Evangelicals for Evangelicals [Read more…]

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Interview: Andrew Erwin on Filmmaking, Faith, and Being in Alabama

The co-director of October Baby and Mom’s Night Out talked to Patheos. [Read more…]

Interview Transcript: Andrew Erwin on Filmmaking, October Baby, and Mom’s Night Out

The director of October Baby and Mom’s Night Out talks filmmaking, Hollywood, faith, and Alabama [Read more…]

Interview: Sean Astin on Who Told Him “Every Human Interaction is Sacred”

Sean Astin has acted in some of the most beloved and successful films of all time. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, in which he played Samwise Gamgee, has generated worldwide grosses in the billions. So finding him at at a Birmingham bowling alley, shaking hands and signing autographs, after a long day’s shoot on [Read More…]